Connection fee charged by Tom Harris AND Koodo?

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I moved my phone from TELUS to KOODO. As my TELUS connection was gone and I needed a SIM I went to TOM HARRIS to have this done. They charged me $30 plus tax - exactly as the KOODO website says they will.

My bill from KOODO arrived and they are also charging me $30 plus tax.

Why am I being billed twice for the same service?
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Ron Hole

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Posted 2 months ago

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Dinh, Mobile Master

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Hi Ron,

Do you have the receipt from the local store? And are you sure the $30 on the bill is the connection fee? It could be something else. Did it say specifically “connection fee” on the bill?

There should be only 1 connection fee charged.
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Anna Michelle Lat

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I have the same issue. I paid in store the $30 plus tax and then my bill came with a connection fee of $30 again. I'm planning to go to the store to ask for this.
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Hi Anna - the fee is always applied to the first bill following activation or upgrade to a new phone. Do you still have your receipt from the in-store transaction? Did you purchase an accessory, or anything else the $30 may have been for? I would review the receipt, and if you still have any questions, definitely contact the store. Let us know what you find. 
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@ Ron, it seems you activated with us by calling in? Tom Harris didn't process the activation? There is only one conncection fee however if someone just buys a SIM without activating the dealer will charge for that. 
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Ron Hole

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No. I will never be visiting TOM HARRIS nor any other KOODO store again. Your website says "$30 connection fee waived for online orders" so I decide to take the $30 hit by going to the store but this actually turns out to be a $60 hit as they bill me and you bill me. Someone got paid for doing nothing.

Thanks but no thanks. 
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I think this is something that only a Tom Harris dealer does as you could have avoided the extra $30 if you called in on your own as they were said to have told you. I dont blame you for not going to a Tom Harris dealer again but a Telus/Koodo store should be fine.
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Not sure why you're mad at Koodo as well for Tom Harris charging 30 buck's themselves ?
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@Ron: Did you do any service like data transfer from your old phone to the new one? or putting a screen protector on the phone? I know some stores do it with a fee.

The issue that you had is the confusion of information that you were given. You were told (or assumed) the $30 instore was a connection fee, while Koodo said it wasn't. The key piece of information that could explain all that is the receipt from Tom Harris. However, you didn't have it handy.

As you already chose to move on and didn't want to talk to Tom Harris or Koodo, then good luck with other carrier.
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Ron Hole

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As I needed a SIM I had to go to the store. It was not explained to me that I could take the SIM (how much would that cost) and call KOODO myself. As my TELUS connection was terminated, I had no phone to call with at any rate.

The confusion was that the $30 I was paying TOM HARRIS was not the same $30 that I would later be charged by KOODO. My expectation was that TOM HARRIS would be taking a percentage of the $30 that was being paid to KOODO. 

And to be honest, I am not "mad" at anyone. The lady at the store was great. I just feel that I was jobbed by the process.

Anyways, thanks for explanations and the help.

Live. Learn, Move on. 
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Ruffian .

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Same issue.  I still have my Tom Harris bill showing what I was told was a connection fee. It definitely says it's a Koodo charge:

SLTFNS000051 Koodo Account Management Service 1 $30.00 0.00 $0.00 $30.00
Subtotal: $30.00
GST: $1.50
PST: $2.10
Total: $33.60

Then on my first Koodo bill there is a "connection fee" of $30.   My balance was not transferred over, and the agent destroyed my old SIM with all my contacts, notes etc. 

I'm not happy at all with Koodo's "Customer Service".  What can be done at Self Serve is very limited, and it seems you get charged $30 every time you talk to a real person. They should also warn customers that there will be a charge, not just have it show up on the bill. 
And if Koodo really cared about their customers, their agents would notify us that there would be no charge if we did the same thing online.
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Actually, the bill from Tom Harris only indicates the charge is associated with setting up the account, not that it was assessed by Koodo.

Did Tom Harris set up a new account for you? That could explain why your balance was not transferred.

Normally, your SIM would not contain contact information, unless you expressly stored it there. It definitely does not contain your notes, etc. They would be on your old phone, or backed up to the cloud.

Finally, Koodo charges $10 for an agent completing tasks you could have done through self-serve.