Confused about data and billing cycle.

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My koodo monthly bill is currently in the cycle of Jan 18 - Feb 17 2018, my previous cycle was Dec 18 - Jan 17 2018... And obviously, it will continue on like this.

My question is about data. Under settings > connections > data usage on my android there is a option called "billing cycle and data warning" that allows you to choose a day of the month... And Im not sure if im using it properly.

Right now it is set to read "17th day of each month" and at the top of the page it reads "data usage: 425 MB of mobile data (jan 17 - feb 16)"

I think I may have set this up wrong but i'd like to be sure, its clearly reading the wrong days of the billing cycle...

Today, according to my phone (when i checked) it read I was going over 400mb of data, but at the same time koodo txted me and it read: "Koodo: You've used 50% of your 500MB of data and have 250MB left until the end of your bill cycle at 11:59pm on 2018-02-17." (copy and pasted)

Also on the self serve menu of usage under data it reads: 278 / 500 mb used.


So my question is, do I have the billing cycle for data use set incorrectly on my phone? Should I change it to the 18th of very month? And how much data have I actually used this cycle? 278/500mb is more in line with the message I was sent by Koodo today, as opposed to my phone reading 425mb used...

I jist don't want to mess around with things before talking to people who know.

Can koodo help me please?
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Posted 6 months ago

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The data counting period on your phone should be set to start at one second past midnight on the 18th of each month, which will cause it to end at 11:59:59 on the 17th of the following month.
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This sounds a little confusing as I read it a few times David.  So just to clarify in simpler terms, You need to set it at "18th day of each month" for it to reset on the 18th in order to match the billing cycle of Jan18-Feb 17.

So yes, please change it to the 18th.  There is no minute or second time to set your data usage.

Currently if you set it to the 17th, you are looking at a billing cycle of the 17-16 which is 1 day off from your billing cycle
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It should reset on the 18th

Also be aware that the data counter on the device will be different from what Koodo has because Koodo rounds to the nearest kb and MMS isn't counted by Koodo either. Your phone will count all data use even if it doesn't count.

If you want a more accurate picture try downloading 3G Watchdog from Google Play store.
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And 3rd question "how much data have I actually used this cycle?" 
 - You always go with what self serve says.   
If it's saying 278/500mb at a moment, then you have used 278 MB.  You must used 28 MB or SS system updated after you received your text notification of 50 % of your limit. 
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Just to clarify SS = Self Serve :)
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Thank you to everyone who posted, sorry I made the question sound more convoluted than it ought to have been.