Come on koodo. Carry Blackberry priv !

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Wangdu.

Make sur to follow they FB page and Koodo's site in order to know if it's going to be offered by Koodo or not!
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Vince Shaw

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Just throwing this out there but this seems to be the standard answer "um just check the fb page /web site for news" its getting a bit old and tired. Look I do enjoy the service I get from koodo but once my phone goes to the great phone store in the sky if koodo isn't offering any blackberry products i'm going to have to think about changing carriers I know just one person leaving isn't going to do anything (slash thinking about leaving) but I would hope that giving the large number of apple products and sh!t t0n of android products being offered koodo would at very least offer 1 (one) blackberry option.
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Alex Tong

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If Koodo doesn't start offering the Priv by Christmas, I'm switching to WindMobile.  I'm totally overdue to upgrade my phone and I want a Priv.  

Why is it that WindMobile offers the Priv but Koodo doesn't?
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Will Koodo be carrying the Blackberry Priv as I need to get one? If not ill switch to Rogers.
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If you're content paying double with rogers to get a phone then you are free to do so.
My advice would be to buy it direct from blackberry and not have to worry about any carrier carrying it.
Best of luck
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Koodo will never carry BlackBerry because of low demand and thats what sucks about koodo. I have a z10 on with koodo but bought outright.
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This is a one year old thread. If you'd like to discuss this i would suggest making a new one!
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i'd also like to see the blackberry priv here
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With how expensive the Priv is I doubt you will see it with Koodo anytime soon. Even with Telus the Priv is 410 on a 2 year, which means its $50 more than a Note 5 or S6 Edge+. That is a pretty high price point for most people out there, and being a bit of a risk I don't think it will have the selling power of those Samsungs. Until Blackberry drops their price I don't think the Priv will have anyone lining up to get one. That said....I got to play with one and I do really like it and would love to get one myself. I just cant justify spending that much on a phone.

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Koodo is Telus so its easy to buy from Telus and use with Koodo :)
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Thank You
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BB Priv seems very nice. Would be an excellent option for those on Telus's 3rd Sister Child Carrier that no longer sells handsets
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For the love of all that's good in the world GET THE BLOODY BLACKBERRY PRIV in store!!!!!