Cellular Data Usage INCREASES, even though I'm under wifi or turning off the Cellular Data

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Yesterday, I added 1GB data plan on my Koodo contract (call/text).
My phone is iPhone6S.

Before that, I was using that iPhone6S for Wind contract (call, text, data) and an old Samsung cellphone for my Koodo contract (call, text only), and I decided to quit Wind and upgrade my Koodo.

The reception got better, but I felt that my data consumption became a bit faster.

I tried LTE first, but since it seemed that it uses too much data, I turned it off and now use 3G, which is what I used when I was using WIND network.

This morning, I went for a small walk. Before leaving the house, my Cellular Data Usage was 1.3MB, and I came back home and it increased to 1.4MB. I understand that. 

Since I came back home, the network switched to my house wifi. 

About an hour later, I double checked my cellular data usage and it increased from 1.4MB to 1.9MB under wifi for some reason.

I felt weird, so even though I was under wifi (and it says so on my phone screen too), I turned off "cellular data."

A couple hours later, I checked my usage again and it says 2.0MB.

How could it be increasing, even though the data is completely turned off?

It maybe because my phone is misreading wrong data usage...however, I never had this issue when I had a contract with WIND with the same phone.

Can anybody explain what is going on, please?

(PS. I'm not a native English speaker and I hope my writing conveyed my issue properly)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Touch Settings.Touch Cellular.Touch Data Roaming to change the setting (e.g., from on to off).Data Roaming is now off. To switch data off completely, touch Cellular Data.Data services are now off.

Try these steps.  If you have one off but not the other then it sounds like something is still updating without your knowledge.  Some apps just update when you don't want them too.  I don't have a data plan so I keep my mobile network switched off at all times and the only time things update is when I'm on a wifi connection.  

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Also be sure Wi-Fi Assist is turned off, else your phone will draw from the cellular network any time the Wi-Fi signal drops low enough.

You can turn off cellular access for each of the applications you want to restrict to Wi-Fi only in Setttings> Cellular.
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Thank you guys. Actually both my data roaming and cellular data were off, though the Wi-Fi assist was on...yet the usage went up 0.1MB. Is that possible?

I've already restricted each applications to Wi-Fi only when I was using this phone with wind too, but thank you.

I still feel weird since I didn't have that problem with other carrier. Also my Internet speed is really high and wifi signal is always in the good state since I work from home, so I don't understand the Wi-Fi signal dropped off low enough.
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How did you check your usage through your phone settings or self-serve account? Going forward, can you reset the statistics under the cellular data option in your and continue to use your phone regularly? That way you will be able to see which application used how much data.. keep us posted!