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I'd really like it if you carried windows phones.  My plan will be up next year and I'd like to switch to Koodo, but I won't unless I can still have a windows phone 8 device.
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Noah Arney

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Posted 4 years ago

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You can always bring a Windows 8 device to Koodo. Then you can get 10% off your plan
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Sumaya K.

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Hi Noah, At this moment, we don't have any plans to carry Windows phone in the near future. If more community members rally on a specific Windows phone, I can certainly share it with the team :)
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As a user of a WP8 phone I find it sad carriers treat Windows Phone like a red headed stepchild. Gotta love an OS that always you to uninstall any crap that carriers put on the phone or any apps you don't like or get better ones for. I have an unlocked Rogers WP phone and was nice to be able to get rid of all the Rogers junk except the branding (wish that could go too, to save start up time).
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Allan Rafuse

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So I've brought my Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 920 to Koodo a while back. Great! Now during this time I've grown a my tab and it's almost full.

Now why would I want to use this tab and downgrade my phone to another Operating System when I want to get a new Windows phone?

Is it possible to custom order a Windows phone through Koodo so that I can use my tab "credit"?? Why is Koodo so reluctant to bring in quality telephones? The rest of the world has them. Please open your eyes and be a business in a global market.
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Koodo carried the S4 since launch. They also carried the Z10 and Q10 until poor sales meant it was not worth continuing to stock them. The S5 hasn't even been released yet and Koodo has announced that they will be carrying it. Same with the New HTC One M8. I never mentioned the iPhone 5C, and by your own admission a windows version of the new HTC One is a rumour. I also never said WP devices are garbage, but they are in low demand, and the last 2 WP devices Koodo has carried have both sold poorly. Koodo carries a large number of quality phones, but you have clearly decided that anything but a WP device is garbage. Enjoy life under your own rock.
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Actually you are so wrong. I think Iphones are very good especially if one is already invested in the Apple ecosystem. Many 'droid phone are also very good. I just want more competition. Also, Apple & windows phones don't need anti-virus nor can you get infected with malware from their app stores unlike android, at least so far.
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I have owned Android phones for many years. I have never received a virus or malware on my phones. As long as you aren't installing 3rd party applications (IE: Those that aren't on the playstore), you will never run into this issue.
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actually there a many malicious apps in the google play store. If you do a little research, and verify what permissions its asking to use, and why, you can avoid problamatic apps(also google the app, and read reviews, there are people out there verifying apps for this reason)

As for windows phones with Koodo, I know there have been some in the past, from time to time. I do believe we may see some at some point. Demand must be there, as Koodo does not carry a Huge lineup of devices.
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The last 2 windows phones that Koodo carried weren't that great. The 610 was extremely slow, and I never bothered to try the 520.
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Phil Thornley

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I am looking to switch to Koodo in the next month or so and would love a Windows phone. I may have to look to buying an unlocked phone, but would prefer to get one through Koodo.

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