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I myself speak seven languages extremely well. I would like to be served properly in the language of the country I am in. If a heavy accent or lack of knowledge of the language as in this case provides poor customer service
then I have the right to complain. To make comments like you did with out know who I am can show me .........
I wanted to cancel my KOODOO service because they were letting in unsolicited porn text. Sorry you didn't understand that and neither did the person on the customer service desk because his English was quite poor. I even tried French, Spanish, Japanese to make it easier for him. But he didn't understand any of these.

So how can one cancel service if the customer service won't?
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Posted 5 years ago

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You have to call in if you want to cancel your service.

Also Koodo is not able to filter texts. If you signed up for texts or if someone spams you text there is nothing to stop it. The only real alternative is to block that number with an app (or with your phone if it has that feature) or to change your number.

Accents go both ways. I am happy that McDonalds hired my mom 40 years ago (and that people were patient with her) when she was new to this country and had an accent (she still does). All we can do is be patient and try. Everyone in this country deserves a chance to work and learn the language of this wonderful country
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Ouch! I'm first generation Canadian, my German father spoke perfect English and I have a North York (Toronto) Italian accent, cause they was my childhood friends and class's
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I did call Koodoo, private # family only, so, not signed up for text and I ask to cancel service but the customer service person didn't understand. I do not have number block application. Thanks for the tip.

I didn't learn English until I was an adolescent. I grew up with languages and other cultures because I was raised multicultural for each one of my grandparent is from a different region of the world. Interracial marriages were not always looked on favourable as they are now. So, I have the benefit of many different experiences and lived in different regions of the world. Can speak more dialects then the average person has fingers, along with 7 languages. I was sympathetic to a point.

I tried to accommodate the customer service worker by asking if there was any other language that would be easier for him because of the problems he was having. I was sympathetic. If he had said I'm having a bad day can I transfer you to someone else....that would have been very acceptable to me. I know I tried to accommodate Their customer service representative beyond what was reasonable.

I'm glad your mother had that great opportunity. Dennis, because forty years ago teachers in GTA were not as patient and the strap was not outlawed then.

Sympathies to you, I hope that your nickers aren't in a twist, Moto G, because I can speak perfect German and English, too. Picking up accents is easy for me, so, I do understand your ability. I can hear an accent from any of the languages I speak and tell you were they grew up.
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I want to give that agent the benefit of the doubt. He may have had a bad day. I will follow your advise Dennis, if it happens again. I enjoy speaking to other regions, by the time I'm done I know the time, the weather, etc., there. OK, I like talking.

Moto G. You made me smile, and remembering how life is in TO and my upset may be trivial . My apology if I misunderstood you.

Dankee, do jeh, toda, merci, grazie, danke, gracias, tack, and dziekuje to all of those great suggestions, folks.
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Sir bergrüBen zu durfen mein Freund werden!
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Sir was auto correct for Sie. and no proper B...
Poor customer service. Have been on hold for 2 hours and still wasnt able to get to talk to customer service agent.... worse customer service ever...
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This thread is 4 years old. Please don't resurrect it. If you have an issue please start a new one.
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Hi Stan,

I’m sorry to hear that you were getting unsolicited spam text messages. You can report the number of these text messages by texting 7726.

In terms of languages, if you feel that you are not being served well, you can request to speak to a different agent. No biggie. I talk to customer service agents regularly as a part of my job. Telus and Koodo has call centres in Canada, UK, US, Guatemala, Philippines and Romania. I have never had an issue with communication. True, some have accents but I’ve never had an issue understanding them. I, too, speak multiple launguages. Perhaps when you were speaking in Spanish and French, they cannot understand you?
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Erwin, this thread is 4 years old lol
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I'd have to agree. If English is not your strong suit then perhaps customer service isn't for you. It has nothing to do with who they are or where they come from. Its if the person is qualified for the position. Comprehension and knowledge.

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