Can I use a prepaid SIM card for my moto G and my son's LG Nexus?

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My ex husband has a plan with koodo that will no longer be activated as of the 22nd due to a balance owing .. myself and my son are on his plan..can I get prepaid SIM cards for our phones until my photo ID card comes in and I can get a plan in my own name for my son and I? Or will one not work since the phones are listed on his plan that will be deactivated? I need my phone for's my only form of communication since my dad is very ill and can go anyday. I'm not too cell phone savy..can someone tell me how I can keep my phone on ..if need be I just need unlimited text and talk can do without data right son has 300 min talk and unlimited text ..please help I only have till Friday before my life becomes nothing but 100%stress
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Posted 10 months ago

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How to do what you're going to have to do is get a prepaid Koodo card you can't get a different card because it would be with a different carrier and if your phones are locked acudo they would have to be unlocked in order for you to to switch carriers so long as you get a Koodo prepaid sim card you should be fine and your son I'm not sure how has minutes will carry over with the account being deactivated but I'm sure that his phone being on the same plan would be tied to Koodo as well anyways good luck best of luck and hope your dad feels better
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Thank you so much..
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If the phones themselves are paid for there should be no issue. If there is a tab balance owing though, and the account goes into default, the phones may be blacklisted.
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I'm pretty sure they are fine .I think my son was actually able to get a free upgrade on his phone before this all went down with my ex..thank you
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A "free" upgrade means the phone was purchased with a Tab balance owing on the phone
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When did you/your ex buy your Moto G?
It's a old phone, so there might not Tab owing.
Is it possible to ask your ex how much he owe to Koodo?
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He owes over $1500 ..he failed to let me know he was behind ..I just found out Thurs so I have a wk to get me and my son some help..let's just say my ex is an ex for a reason...koodo has given him a payment plan but I have a feeling he will default so I want to cover myself and my son.. But never thought he'd throw us under the bus like this
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Koodo can and likely will block any phone from their network that is linked to an account with a balance owing.

Your Moto G and LG Nexus are worth little compared to that $1500+ Koodo account balance. The Nexus is obviously unlocked, the Moto G can be unlocked for a twoonie on eBay.

Here's what you can do:

  • If the Koodo post-paid sim cards are still active (which I doubt), in theory, you could insert those sim cards in less desirable phones (IMEI registers to the network, TELUS will block those phones from their network, your Moto G and LG Nexus are spared)
  • Your cheapest replacement for phones would be Moto G4 Play off the pre-paid rack at The Mobile Shop (PC brand grocery stores). Use these with PC Mobile, or with the prepaid carrier of your choice (each a twoonie to unlock on eBay)
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I would go ahead and get a prepaid SIM and open a new account for each phone. The $20 you will spend on each SIM will be credited to your account, so there is no net cost. You will then be in control of payments going forward, with no responsibility for the ex-balance. The only inconvenience is that you will both need new numbers so that your new accounts are not linked to your ex's, who can then cancel those numbers and corresponding plans, easing the payment situation a little.

If the current phones do eventually turn out to be unusable due to some kind of blacklisting, any minutes or data you have bought on prepaid belong to the SIM, not the phone, so you could use whatever balance is remaining by using your SIM in another phone with a clear conscience.