Can I reopen an account after it being suspended

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Long story short, phone broke so i didn't pay my bill due to not having my phone.
It has been about 5 months since I payed my last bill, so I am assuming they have closed my account.
My question is if they have closed my account can they open it again once I pay my outstanding balance???
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Posted 3 years ago

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Well that wasn't the responsible way to handle the phone being broken but that's besides the point.

By this time, you've likely done considerable harm to your credit. You can try to reapply for service after you pay your bill but Koodo will likely run another credit check. You're not likely to get credit from the same company again but Koodo is a little on the lenient side so might be worth a try.

If you run into problems like this in the future, call the provider and make arrangements.
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By now it's most likely been sent to collections at which point there is nothing he can settle with Koodo and they would have essentially blacklisted the customer from signing up again
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It is also possible that your phone number has been given away... try calling it to see if someone answeres. I think it takes about 6 months before ur number becomes openly available to another user. But call ur company explain ur situation. We're you sick. In jail lol in the hospital. Stollen identity. .. what ever your reason. But if you are calling them that pay in full or even in town payments they are usually very understanding. But the worst thing u can do is avoid them. If it has been sent to collections you would know by now. You would have recieved a letter. I know most companies let a balance to rack up for aprox 3 Months before they but a hold on ur account. If u knew you weren't going to be able to pay for a while what you should have done was call them and ask them to put a hold on ur account. Depending on ur reason, yes it may cost you some money to put it on hold something like 40$ for 3 month and 50 for 6 months... but that a lot cheaper then racking up your bill... even with the creditors they are usually good with making deals... if they tell you YOU HAVE TO PAY IN FUL. Explain to them you would love to but it's just not possible explain this is the payment arrangement you are able to work with and if they can't except that then you are forced to pay nothing at all... tell them ur in the process of trying to get shit figured out and not just with them. Fib a little. Tell them your trying to work with these companies so not to ruin ur credit. But if they won't work with the payment you are offering then you will be forced to claim bankruptcy and then they will get NOTHING... again like I said just a little fib to get them to take ur offer. If you were to, in real life claim bankruptcy they would get nothing. So with this threat they will be more willing to work with you.... Hey!!! You want to pay your balance. You want to make and keep a good rep with this company. So tell them please work with me so I don't have to take the route of claiming bank ruptcy. If they ask what other companies or bills do you owe. .. that's non of their concern. All they need to concern them selves with is this account which you want to clear up... but I would find out first if you number has been placed back on the market... call it see if someone answers. Simply ask home long they have had this number.... hope that helps... I've been down this road. Call ur phone company. Sometimes they will say you can either pay us or the collector either way the money comes to them. And keeping the collectors out of it. Not saves ur phone company money at the same time... how long have you have u been a customer... have you been faithful with ur payments. .. is this ur first F'up.... that too will weigh on how thing will work out for u... if ur the type to always be late or miss a payment you might have a harder time barge Ning and that's when u pull the bankruptcy card... tell then you want to work with them but if they won't you have no choice.... tell them all ur other companies are helping you out. Excluding the interest breaking the payments into 2 or 3 equal payment. Then tell them they are the only ones that won't help u out. Like I said. If u have a good rep until now why wouldn't they make a deal with u.

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