Can I get a plan at 17 years old?

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I'm 17, in need of a phone. Not feeling like dropping $775 on a phone, just wondering if I can get a plan.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Goran, Mobile Master

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You need to be age of majority in your province / territory in order to get your own plan. You can look into used or mid range phones if you don't want to spend 775 on a phone.
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You have to be the age of majority in your province to get a postpaid plan and a tab with Koodo. The AOM is 18 or 19 depending on your province.

You can find quality "budget" unlocked phones for $200-$400 if you do some looking around.
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Not Jean-Pierre Blais

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CWTA killed the used phones market. Someone sells the phone and then reports it lost/stolen, or BELUS (surprisingly not Rogers) blacklists the phone for fraud or non payment even though they're not supposed to use the blacklist for non payment.

"CWTA recommends consumers always acquire wireless devices from a trusted and reputable source." = buy from ROBELUS and let them make profit.

*Reply for Goran's comment
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I buy used devices constantly and sell them as well. Not sure how your comments help the OP.
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If you're that worried about the used market, even though theft for insurance claims is becoming less common, there's perfectly capable lower cost phones such as Xiaomi phones or Asus Zenfone 3 or One plus or ZTE. Or cheap but good prepaid phones like the Moto g4 play. I buy and sell used occasionally and you do your diligence anytime you buy used to be careful and that's it.
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The used phone market here in London begs to differ. Of course, there's an element of risk and buyer discretion is strongly advised.
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My comment should help OP in making the decision of buying a used phone rather than just buying one randomly without knowing about the blacklist. I have seen enough people with hundreds of dollars worth Wi-Fi only phones.
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I sell phones on Kijiji and LetGo because there's a market for it.

I'd never buy phones used given the risk of it being blacklisted after the fact. This is especially a big concern for a $600+ phone (mid-range to premium/flagship), which sounds like the type of phone OP is going for.

For higher end phones, Goran has provided awesome options, and Ivan praises powerful phones from reputable Chinese brands that sell for a sliver of the price of an in-market flagship.

Alternatively, you could have a family member who's 18/19+ grab a Koodo phone on a post-paid account and then sell it to you, or have you pay the bill.

Figure out your wishlist of the phone you want (and fallbacks, if you can't get a good deal on the phone you want), and find the cheapest option to get it. If you're into LG's, they tend to sell for cheap on eBay. Samsungs and Apples are less easy to find at a discount.