Bring back per-second billing!

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Per-second billing was one of the greatest advantages of choosing Koodo. i remember when i was young, watching a Fido commercial with a taxi, and the lady pointed out something along the lines that the taxi ride was about 20 seconds or so. The ending remark was something like "a 20-second call is a 20-second call", with the Fido dogs and logo.

Koodo adopted this in March 2008 since day 1, to provide real value to customers. They also set the standard in the industry for value plans. Later that year, in November, Fido and Solo bent to match Koodo's plans. All providers became much the same, with little to tell the difference between one and another. Fido and Solo were Koodo's mirrors.

In 2011, Koodo changed the mobile industry by introducing Canada-wide calling. Along with retaining per-second billings, these plans provided tremendous value. Fido and Virgin (which replaced Bell's Solo) also mimicked the plans. But since Fido had only one or two Canada-wide plans, and Virgin still billed by the minute, Koodo was leading the pack...

...until now. Koodo's new plans are simply the old plans, but with a $5/month increase for two calling features. That would have been okay, instead of charging more for the features separately, but Koodo found another way to gouge their customers: per-minute billing. They also removed 50 minutes from the $30/month (previously $25) plan, which used to have 150 minutes. At a time when Internet is the main demand, while talk and text cost virtually nothing to provide, Koodo is gouging.

Please reintroduce per-second calling, even with the new plans. Per-second billing adds customer loyalty, and saves an average of 25% of minutes compared to per-minute billing. Customers need a reason to choose Koodo over the competition. Canada-wide calling and per-second billing make a good marriage. Please don't divorce them!

If you, the customer, want to save money with per-second billing, please click the "+1" button above. Thank you very much.
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  • disappointed that Koodo seems to be dropping per-second billing!

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Official Response
There are a lot of valid arguments within this thread, and I greatly appreciate everyone's honesty. Over the years we have tried our best to be innovative and revolutionary in the cell phone industry. Some of the ways we did that was offering a flexible tab option for customers interested in buying a new phone, removing Canadian long distance charges, and most recently introducing call display and voice mail. A lot of these changes had to be done with our business and customer needs in mind. Keep in mind that all customers that had per second billing before the change won't lose this feature unless they change their plan themselves.

For those that are new entrants, per-minute billing will only be felt if you exceed your monthly plan buckets and can be avoided by choosing a plan with enough minutes to cover their usage. You'll still benefit from no roaming and Canada-wide plans which now include Call Display and Voicemail, Data Saver as low as $5/month, and the marvelous tab.