Bring back $25 plan!!

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I have two family members on this plan and want to move others to this plan as well, but it is no longer available!!!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Koodo just bring back $39 data promo plan
It will be nice if they can bring $25 Talk& text plan as promo :D
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I'm in the same boat - 2 family members on the account, looking to add 2 more but it's just too much money right now.
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I agree bring it back please. I was planning on getting my daughter a cellphone for school and thought the $25 plan that I have would be great but I noticed it is no longer available. Why not? Any chance koodo will be bringing back a cheaper phone plan or offering some back to school promos for students? It would be really nice to keep our family's phone plans altogether but not if it will cost me more..
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While I agree that a $25 plan should return because I'm losing some customers to prepaid, let me play devil's advocate here:

People aren't realizing that with a $25 plan on the old Tab system, only $2.50 was being contributed towards your Tab and it would take about 4 years, maybe more, to pay off the phone. I created an excel file to demonstrate this but I can't show it at this time.

On the new system, yes you're at a premium of $30, but now Koodo takes 15% off your Tab (so that's $4.50 each month) AND it's cleared out after 24 months, guaranteed. The extra profit that Koodo is making from this change is minimal.

I did this calculation on a similar post a while back. Over a 24 month period, your "net cost" after the rate plans x 24 months on both price points and Tab balances taken into account, is a measly $30 higher on a $30 plan versus the $25. It's not like it's some type of exorbitant price gouging.

That extra 5 bucks you're worried about? Try skipping Starbucks or Timmies one day to make your coffee at home. Carpool with coworkers once a week.
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If you are losing customers to prepaid it's definetely because these new plans are too high. How can you justify a 5$ augmentation to someone without a balance? What about people who don't want a contract? Well now they have no choice but prepaid.
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It's not just the $25 to $30 hike (actually it went from $20 to $30, because even though the $20 was hidden later, it was still available).
Most people nowadays want to add data to their plan, which even for super light users easily adds $15 every month... it all adds up quick... and for people on a fixed income you can only spend your $$$ once :)
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Agreed! And the extra $5, while not much to worry about, is sitting prettier in my wallet than in my carrier's, IMHO.
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It's just $5, so what's the big deal, right? That goes both ways though. If carriers are raising plans by $5, what's the motivation behind it? Is it because they're providing $5 worth of additional services, has the cost of providing the services suddenly gone up, or do they just want an extra $5? It's easy to tell the consumers that it's just $5 extra per month, and they should suck it up and except it, but you have to remember where this rhetoric is coming from - a billion dollar multinational company vying for increased profits every single quarter to appease shareholders.
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Paul's right, but there's more to it than that. The only prepaid phones we activate are for PC Mobile and even those are very few and far between - otherwise, it's all postpaid for us. That's what I mean by "losing customers". I'm not some greedy salesman who wants to hoard money, but I do have bills and a car payment and insurance like everyone else...
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Same situation her, 3 family members on Koodo, want to add one more but not at $30/month, and I am bringing my own device so all the explanation above (or below) does not apply to me.
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I really do miss the old plans such as the double minutes, double data promos and others. I don't like these new plans nor the new "tabs". I really hope Koodo rethinks about this.

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