Bought the wrong prepaid cellphone card :( hope this can be fixed or I might just give up on prepaid cellphone in a heartbeat!

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Bought the wrong prepaid cellphone card and the store won't refund it or just exchange it for a Koodo card! I sure hope that something can be done to get myself some holiday news from family & friends during theses Holidays!?!
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  • sadly disappointed

Posted 4 years ago

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The store can't get their money back for the card so why should they give you a Koodo one instead and lose money? It was your mistake. I've worked at these stores and I have had customers like you. Sorry, but you need to make sure you tell us what company and how much because once we print it, it's yours and you must pay for it. The fact you expect this business to lose money over your mistake boggles my mind.

Also, this isn't a Koodo issue either since again, you bought the wrong card. Koodo can't make the business take the other one back and give you a Koodo one.

This happens to a lot of people and you need to take it as just a lesson learned to make sure you know which card you're buying. Buy the proper card.
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I understand, just have the worst memory since my brain surgery and I to get the hardest time to remember cause I get confused pretty easily. But tyvm for responding to me best regards, Melly
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People make mistakes, it's really lousy service to treat a customer like you're doing them a favor by taking their money.   I'm not a fan of prepaid phones, but for people like my son who's in college it's the easiest way.  He bought a lower phone plan card and can't use it on his smart phone. He didn't read carefully enough or he would have seen that.  Now he's out 30.00, his last 30.00.   Yup, lesson learned. 
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Have you considered trading someone for a Koodo top-up card? I'm sure you can find someone who needs the card that you have. Or you can sell it at a slightly reduced cost.

Alternatively, you could activate a prepaid line with the carrier whose card that is and then use up the remaining credit (if your phone is unlocked and compatible with that carrier). A hassle for sure, but better than losing out completely.
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Unfortunately Ahmad is bang on for this. The prepaid cards aren't able to be returned in the computers since they are one time use codes, and their computers cant tell if its been used. Most stores actually have it programmed into the system that they cant be returned, so there isn't really a way for them to process an exchange on one. The best bet is to try and find a friend or someone who is willing to buy it off of you.
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Thx guy's for answering me back. I know that I should be a lot more careful, but when I get to the counter and have my cellphone at home I get confused about wich company I am with. Sounds crazy but since I got my brain tumor removed I do get mixed up and confused so easily. I used to remember and never forget what company I was dealing with but now my memory is not how it used too before. But yes I got to make notes and always keep it with me so it won't ever happen again, hopefully :) Best regards, Melanie
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Or you can call the number on the back of the card and speak to a customer service representative. They should be able to see that the card is unused and issue your refund.
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Please dont revive a thread that's over 2 years old now.