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Bill Error: I was driving along Highway #14 on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, yesterday. There was no cellphone service for a portion of this highway, but apparently at one point, my phone clicked into AT&T, which I presume was from a tower providing phone service in Washington State, just a short distance across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I got an email notice today that I was being charged a roaming fee. I just started with Koodo, and am finding it frustrating that I can't talk to an actual person to ensure this fee is removed. I made a phone call from Victoria as soon as I reached the city limits so there is a proof I wasn't in Washington. What can I do to get this darn problem solved? Suggestions?
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Posted 4 weeks ago

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To fix the billing error you will need to contact Koodo.  Your best bet is to send them a private message via facebook or twitter so you wont need to wait on the phone.

In the mean time, you can change your network settings from Automatic to manaully select Koodo.  note that when you change this, it will take many minutes as it scans for networks.

And thank you for calling it the Strait of Juan de Fuca and not the Ocean (just a pet peeve of mine)
Thanks for such a prompt and helpful reply, Dennis. I hadn't thought of using FB as a contact source, will do that now. Cheers! Joy
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Hey Joy, we live in this area.   On my monthly self serve plan I logged on went to manage add-ons and added International Data Roaming and International Voice Roaming which are both free and  I also have Pay-per-use International Long Distance, free add on also, just in case.  Have not had any more problems.    That said, we have our data turned off on our phone as we only data use with home wifi for updates.  Hope this helps, maybe someone else has a better answer.
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LJ, the free add-ons allow you to successfully roam.  They will not prevent unwanted roaming unfortunately.
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There should be no need to take any action until a bill is produced. Koodo may fix this before the bill is created. If the error remains on the printed bill, THEN it is time to reach out to Koodo.
Thanks! I will look into this. I live on Pender Island and usually don't have to worry about my phone pinging into an American tower. I don't use data, was pretty sure I had it turned off too, as I rely on WiFi connection(s) also. 
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Did you recieve the email just informing you about easy roam and how it will cost $7 if used or does your usage in self serve say that you were charged roaming charges?
I just got the email this morning from yesterday's travels and nothing shows up yet in a future bill. 
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When you're in your self serve account click on usage. For calls, texts or data you can click on the arrow of each one and select overages(I think that's what it's called) and you will see if you have been charged. You might have just received a email that you were roaming.
Will do, thanks. 
Thanks to everyone for your very fast responses. I'm impressed with this forum! Koodo is new to me so I'm learning my way around the phone and it's services. Cheers! Joy