BIGGER Data Package PLZ!!!

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BIGGER Data Package. 2Gigs for heavy users is not enough. You should offer 6-10Gig, this would really make you guys standout from the other competition. Perhaps get 10 Gigs with 2 year plan?
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Posted 5 years ago

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The point of Koodo is no contracts (exlcuding iPhone as its Apple who makes the rules and thats the only way Koodo could carry it). Honestly, if you're using 10GB on a phone, you need a home internet connection. Use your WiFi to stream videos because that's the only reason you'd need 10GB lol. I think the max they should offer is 6GB (with a good overage rate). And they actually have offered a 6GB plan before, you just need to always look on the Koodo website for new plans. You missed out:P
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I don't really understand this need for big data packages for mobile internet. If you're using more than 3GB of mobile internet on your phone, then maybe you need to look into an internet packge. Mobile data should be just that, mobile. For checking things on the go. The only 2 reasons why anyone would need more than 3GB is either you're doing way more video streaming than necessary or you're tethering. Mobile Data isn't even a need, it's a luxury. As long as you can call and text then your basics are covered. I'm a heavy user because I tend to do a bit of youtubing but I also monitor my data on a daily basis to make sure I'm staying within my means. Are you really going to shell out $50 for 6-10GB? And even that that, it's a ripoff because you can get much more with a straight internet connection.

tl;dr, I disagree with your apparent need for larger data packages because there is no actual need for it, just tone down your mobile internet usage.
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MykeC: Agreed. 6 GB for 25 bucks sounds like a pretty good deal.

Skash: I hear you, lol. You just never know though, guess it would depend on how many people really show an interest in wanting more data.

From what I've read about WIND's throttling policy;

"To ensure that all of our customers are able to enjoy optimal data usage on our network, we have a Data Fair Usage Policy. Our Data Fair Usage Policy specifies that if you exceed the data usage levels specified in this policy for your type of plan or add-on, we may slow your speed so that all WIND customers can better share the network and enjoy quality access to the Internet". Source - WIND Mobile.

"Given the rate at which most of our customers consume data, you are unlikely to exceed the data usage levels specified in this policy in any given billing cycle unless you use file sharing applications or download large files from the Internet. If we elect to slow your speeds when your data usage first exceeds the thresholds outlined above, we will slow your speed to a speed of 256 kilobits per second for downloads and 128 kilobits per second for uploads". Source - WIND Mobile.

So if you go over the 5 GB threshold, you get Not saying I'm heading over to WIND anytime soon. However, I'd rather get the 5 GB's and stay within my limits, than to pay overage charges.
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I think bringing back the Canada wide 6gb promo would go over well. I'm on it and can't complain, pretty decent value.
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Thanks for the option s TIPS. I BELIEVE the OPTION of 10 gig being offered was the concept. Evidently you are a Koodo employee as you are way off on what people are talking bout here. Anyway thanks Koodo "Markus/Ahmad", appreciate the insight on what we as customers are looking for by yer reply...
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You do realize the comment you are upset with is from 5 years ago?

If you want to start a conversation please start a new thread.
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Talk about lag... that's when I sent it....
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It would be nice if Koodo's Canada wide plans include 3gigs of data and $5 for every gig over that to a max price of $50.
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Not bad either.

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