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I am a koodo customer. last month, my phone bill was given more than $200.00 which is beyond my capacity to pay. Koodo should have warned me that my bill had been soaring. they did not inform me. Even I did not make an international call. My question is that if koodo says that my bill is high, there is not reason to believe this. I have decided to cut off the koodo connection because their customer service is very bad.
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Remon Chowdhury

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Posted 4 years ago

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Okay, so did you actually look at the bill to see what happened? Page 3 shows you the charges. Could have been data overage, maybe you talked a lot on the phone without realizing it, maybe you got hit with roaming, I don't know. It depends on what your plan is.

There is a great Self Serve tool available online and on 3 major smartphone platforms to track how much you're using.

Claiming they have bad customer service when you didn't even bother to see what happened and didn't make any effort to contact them regarding the bill isn't fair, either. Call them at 1-866-995-6636 when they're open and you'll be taken care of.
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Seriously Remon? You spent more than you thought and that's somehow is somebody else's fault? By the same thingking my hydro company should warn me as well because I use to much electricity or water. :-)
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Alright, now let me play devil's advocate here: hydro and water are entirely pay-per-use. If you go on vacation for 2 weeks, you won't see any water usage for those 2 weeks whereas a monthly bill like rent, internet, or phone has a base service price and then overages for going above the plan. I can understand what you mean, though.
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I am rather annoyed about people who refuse to take ownership for thier own mistakes. Always blaming other people, never taking any initiative. This needs to stop. Customer service, in general, needs to start taking control again....
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#notalwaysright ;-p
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Have you tried contacting them? They could probably explain and sort things out for you. It cannot be "bad customer service" if you haven't talked to a customer service rep yet.
And Koodo does warn you when to pay your bills. They send a text msg to your phone. A good way to avoid surprises is to pay your bill immediately when Koodo sends you the "your next bill of $xx.xx is ready to be paid" text.
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I'd like to argue that their customer service is Awesome in every respect. What you fail to realize is you are not providing us (A forum of customers like yourself) is any relevant information.

Customer Service does NOT include Proactively contacting a customer when their bill is skyrocketing, this is how the services industry makes their money (Sad to put it that way, but it's truth). IF and ONLY IF you had called in and they refused to help you in any way shape or form, then, AND ONLY THEN will I agree with your claim of bad customer service. I've worked in Customer Service for years, and frankly, I'm irritated and highly offended that you want to sully a company's name simply because you're too LAZY to call up and find out what's wrong.

But in this instance, you didn't like what you saw on the bill, and you want to argue that you "didn't use the services that much" like everyone else does so you don't have to pay for what you used. There could be MANY reasons why you are being charged this much, but again, without information on your situation, or even a portion of the bill itself (with personal information removed for your protection), we can't help figure out why you got dinged.


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