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I've seen users confused about how the unlimited MMS works on Koodo. Every single current plan specifies:

"Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture) (includes international text messages sent and received anywhere in Canada)"

With the exception of the promo plans, which are more vague:

"Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging (includes international texts)".

Yes, there is fine print. Yes, it's the customer's responsibility to read the fine print. Isn't it Koodo's responsibility to train their employees to make sure that the customer understands the fine print.

In this case, the fine print states that the user must have either data enabled (for non-BlackBerry devices) or have a data add-on (for all devices).

Judging by multiple posts on this board, it seems that many new customers are not aware of this requirement. Hell, I'm a power user and I wasn't aware of this when I signed up and got my wife a plan without data. I know that MMS requires data, but I thought it was handled separately since I never actually use MMS as I prefer e-mail. The employee made no mention that data was required, but he did mention how her plan had "unlimited messaging". But, just because I don't care too much about MMS it doesn't mean that others don't. Just looking at some of these posts makes that very clear.

My proposed solution is two-fold:

1. Don't bury the data requirement in the fine print. The fact that messages need to be sent and received in Canada can be put into fine print.

2. Make sure that when your kiosk employees (and employees of retail partners) mention how a plan has unlimited messaging that they should inform customers of the data requirement.

Again, I acknowledge customers' responsibility to understand their plan. But, it's in Koodo's best interest to start things off on the right foot. Right or wrong, it doesn't help to build trust if the customer feels cheated right at the start. Problems WILL happen later (it's the nature of things) and a little good will goes a long way.
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Posted 5 years ago

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This is true. It is our responsibilty to understand the things we sign up fopr, but it will aslo help the business to show the loopols becaus if there is a problem, and then we didnt understand the fine print or didnt understand something then we might not go back to koodo. so it is smart for koodo to tell us that we need a data plan, or we need this or that. It will gain alot of trust, and the more help we have then the better it could be, becasue people see how good of plans we have and how cheep, and other people would want to come to koodo. Only if we are haveing hard times with the contract and with everything then people will see that and not come to koodo
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Hey ile2010, this is a great idea. We'll take it and see what we can do with it :).
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Let's resurrect this as it's still a cause of concern:


I'd also stop advertising MMS as unlimited on plans without data.
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Unfortunately though, even the talk and text plans have access to the ppu data saver.
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Yes, but if the unlimited MMS isn't advertised for those plans then customers wouldn't feel like they're getting cheated. They're still not being made aware of the data requirement.
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What I don't understand is how people assume that pictures will send without a data connection. Can you send pictures/videos without an internet connection from a computer? Nope. Same thing applies here.
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Well u use to could on cdma but those days are over
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I think that it stems from MMS via feature phones. Due to their obvious limitations, they could be provisioned for MMS without worry about any data leakage. I guess it's just a carryover from the olden days of cell.
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Koodo is able to block data and still allow mms for prepaid users. I think it comes down to they'd rather collect the five dollars from users who dont know better than simply fix this. Its disheartening actually because it seems a big enough recurring complaint to be addressed and solved but i guess they don't see it as important
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It speaks volumes to me that Ivan suggested this idea 10 months ago and it's still "under consideration". Doesn't Koodo want its customers to understand their plan, its features and its limitations?

My proposed solution is different than Ivan's:

Reword the language about the data requirement to make the issue clearer: "Picture messaging works only when [not "if"] data is turned on. While data used by picture messaging is free, data used by other installed apps when the data connection is on will incur charges at the pay-per-use data saver rates."
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The CRTC regulations have already made that change as of December 2nd, 2013.

A. Clarity

1. Plain language
i.A service provider must communicate with customers using plain language.
ii.A service provider must ensure that its written contracts and related documents, such as privacy policies and fair use policies, are written in a way that is clear and easy for customers to read and understand.
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Also the thread I created about this same issue http://community.koodomobile.com/kood...

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