Average Joe with A business degree in Visa DEBIT APPARENTLEY

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Id just like to share an idea!

Iunno whos runing this multi million dollar companies. I tohught you had to go to buisness school or something for that.

But hey im here giving my 2 cents and maybe a little COMMON SENCE INSIGHT

I have a debit VISA its a VISA that removes money from my bank account when used. This should easily be accepted to buy ONLINE TOP UPS.

I can use this card to make reservations, book hotel rooms and buy pretty much anything ONLINE from anywhere in the world. Its a name brand CC still its VISA.

I think koodo here and im sure as many others do really need to looking into maybe updating there system here and getting with the times a little.

Runing to a kiosk is not always something one can do at any given moment but most people can get online at anygiven time..... seeems pretty obvious buisness decision to me. but hey im just an average joe with no buisness agree

who agrees with me?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Makes perfect sense to me.
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that's definitely one thing that's impeded me in the past with koodo. i got ripped off for a sim card that i bought and got shipped from ontario. the lady wanted extra money for shipping then admitted to sending it non-express even though she had more then enough. so i spent four times what it was worth and didn't even get it express. if koodo accepted visa debit then i could've just ordered it from them for the regular price lol
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I'm sure Koodo will bring the ability to use Visa Debit in the near future, but we'll just have to wait and see. Might have something to do with the cost of accepting that specific type of payment though.
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As someone who's working on a business degree (but not party to the costs/decision making process) it probably comes down to a cost benefit analysis.

Lets say the cost of implementing/upgrading is X

Visa debits (in Canada) aren't extremely common yet so you don't have a huge amount of people trying to use them (yet). At this point in time the loss of people trying to use them, and then not buying something with another form of payment is probably lower than the X cost of upgrading the systems. As I'm quickly learning in some of my courses it's not so much of a can we make everyone happy business decision as it is simply a will we be losing money by making the change type of decision. Now one could argue they'd make more by capturing the lost sales, however those lost sales totalled would probably be a smaller number then the cost of upgrading.

This is a simplified version dealing with more concrete (as in Koodo knows what they are) numbers. But if they estimate down the road this would bring greater value and offset the costs (while turning a profit) I'm sure they'd implement it as well. Or maybe they have data that says the cost to upgrade will be cheaper in a year or two about the time they expect it to become profitable making more sense to wait.

tl;dr version: At this point (not knowing if they are implementing the change, they could be and I could be wrong), if they're not it's probably because the costs of making the change are higher than any benefit Koodo would receive from making this change.
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That is a great point Jorden.

I'm sure they're not regretting the cost/benefit turnout of getting the S II X in their line-up. My field rep told me that the device is doing way better than expected. It's a lower profit sale but who cares, I'm not paid on profitability, I'm paid on activations.

It got to the point that I ended up with a shortage for almost a month. I was getting so frustrated, eventually I actually took it off my Koodo planogram for a few days because people couldn't stop asking about the friggin thing.

I finally got my 3 week long back order in a few days ago and now I have 15 in stock! It's a shame the price went back up, though... oh well, at least I can sell them again.
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The percentage that it costs the company for Visa Debit I'm sure is probably higher than the percentage it costs the company to have a customer use a regular Visa & this could play a major part in the decision also.
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Even so I would rather pay with Visa Debit. Right now I pay using the banks website which is convenient but doesn't get credited for 3-4 business days.
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We've received multiple ideas about this and I'm excited to announce that we now accept VISA Debit as a form of bill payment and a way to top up. Thanks a lot guys for making this happen.

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