Auto Register for Self Serve Upon Account Activation

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I have seen enough people asking questions about what their account number is and the difficulty accessing self serve for the first time. Why does Self Serve have to be a separate step that people do at home. Self Serve is great and should be setup for the customer upon Account Activation (a email would be sent to the customer to confirm). Then it should be as simple as clicking on the "Forgot my password" link for those who are in no hurry to access self serve and forgot their login
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Posted 3 years ago

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Agreed. This is done for prepaid immediately so I don't see why they don't for postpaid.
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Thats a very good point. I forgot this was done on prepaid
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Isn't that because you have to activate prepaid online and in the same step you get your self serve registration? Still it's a great idea and would make things so much easier and less frustrating for people.
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Speaking by speculation here but most retailers are there just to sell the service and phone. So to ask retailers to train on Koodo activation is beyond their control considering they sell other carriers as well. Most cases they don't even type the correct e-mail address. A good source for phone support comes in. Keep in mind reps helping register for self serve is free and you also would get a free tour!
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They shouldn't use email address as a username. Use the phone number of the customer. Verizon and a lot of othe cellphone companies in the states do that. Solves the problem. Retailers would have tondo nothing as part of the activation would include a txt to the user. A code or something, that would have to be entered upon self serve registration. Goggle does this.
I am so lost as I cannot even get into Self-Serve! It wants a second email address that I do not have! Trying to speak with someone at Koodo is a lost cause! It seems my issue does not fit any of the categories! This is BS! There has to be a real person I can speak with, isn't there?
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Here is likely the root of the issue. When you bought your phone with them they asked you for an email. You may have given them a different one then the one you are trying to register now for self serve. It doesn't match with what they have on file and hence the conflict online. Just call them, enter your phone number than press zero. You'll get to a rep and ask them to reset your self serve account. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. :-)
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Hey Dennis,

Thanks as always for putting your idea forward.

I'd love to see if we can simplify the activation process so can you clarify what you're looking for?

Currently when someone activates in store and gives us their email they are sent a validation email within 24 hours. All the customer needs to do in order to complete the Self Serve set up is to validate their email.

Maybe I'm missing something. Let me know.
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It's been many years since I registered for self serve. My understanding is that the process is:

Click on the Register Now link. Then you will need
-An email address
-Your Koodo phone number
-Your Koodo Customer Account Number (can be found on your bill or service agreement)
-Email address
-Security question

Then, when you've finished registering, you should receive an email asking to validate the email address.
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As far back as I can remember, both times I activated postpaid lines, Self-Serve was always automatically created for me. I would go back home from the kiosk and it was ready for me to log into.

Maybe it has changed, but in my case, twice, I didn't have to "create" it.
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I don't think that's what Dennis is saying....if I'm not mistaken he wants to see self serve registration to be automatic with each activation. Today an email is indeed sent but I as a customer have to validate it before a self serve account is created. Why can't koodo set that up automatically during activation? In the process a temp password would be sent to my phone with which I could instantly log in. Simple as that. One less step we would have to do and it avoid all those issues where people give out email addresses and then they try to registe separately with a different one creating all sorts of problems.
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People give out a made up address because they think they're going to be spammed with useless info not realizing it is a hassle free service that's being provided. Other times they give out an email address they hardly use and that create its own set of problems.

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