Apple Watch LTE support

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Times are changing and Koodo shall also be planning on getting Apple Watch LTE support, atleast Apple Watch 4 coming next year.

Apple Watch isn’t an product like iPad and niche isn’t very small, Apple Watch is a future product for students, fitness enthusiasts, business people and even old people as a safety tool.

Telus has been very reluctant in making the Koodo experience better and needs to show some love. Fido offers Spotify, data bytes and virgin mobile has many member perks such as Starbucks, movie tickets etc. Koodo? Nothing. Atleast be on par with new technology.

I do not see myself staying with Koodo if Apple Watch isn’t announced to be supported next year. I mean I get it as a second tier brand, necessary things may be delayed but excluded because big brand wants to keep that feature to himself.
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Posted 7 months ago

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I get exactly where you're coming from, and agree...however I believe the Apple Watch IS more of a niche product than something like iPad. I have an Apple Watch, but don't see a lot of them in the wild.

Keep in mind as this point, there are exactly 2 carriers in Canada that support it. I think we may be waiting a while for the flanker brands to get it.
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I wonder where I register my request for Apple Watch 3 support? I keep getting responses from the twitter account via private message that no decision has been made. 
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Try creating a New Post choosing Idea as the category.
Eh Koodo, making plea again :(. I don’t wanna carry my phone anymore while running. It’s also a very enticing feature for maketing as well, as none of the competitors have it. You will only make money after the initial deployment.
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See above: it's gonna take much greater numbers for Koodo to decide to do so. That's all there is to it I'm afraid.
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They would first need to see how many existing iPhone owners are on their network... guess at how many of them are interested in dropping money  on an Apple Watch LTE or already have another model of Apple Watch and would be interested in upgrading if LTE was an option. 
They might consider it if a bunch of iPhone users jump ship, but how many are hopping to Telus? Is that business really lost?
How much of an investment is it to launch the infrastructure required to support Apple Watch LTE? I have no idea. 
Will they also sell Apple Watch? Is that profitable?

Wouldn't it be cool if they could bundle it when you buy a new iPhone? How many consumers would be more likely to buy one if they received a discount since they're upgrading their phone anyway?
Wouldn't it be neat if Apple had incentives for carriers to carry and sell Apple Watch with iPhone?

Let's say it's an option. Will we share data from our phone plan? Will people upgrade plans for more data? How many will want the option but then hardly use it, ending up unhappy and making a change anyway?
Will your watch have a separate plan, so you don't max all your data on your watch?
I haven't looked into how it works with existing carriers. 

The pricing would need to be right for continued service, and data is already too expensive, for all of Ontario.

We can speculate ... but unless they can determine it will make them money, it's not going to happen. 

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I'm also waiting on Koodo with apple watch 3. I upgraded from apple watch 1 to 3 for this specific purpose. Now I'm stuck on a two year Koodo deal and no support for the watch. If this doesn't change I'll bail and go with another carrier.