Allow customers to keep their current plan when switching to/from BlackBerry

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I realize that BB plans have to be separate because BB devices have unique requirements for security reasons. This has nothing to do with existance of such plans.

There is a lot of anticipation building up for BB10 devices. Some people may be willing to try these out.

The thing is, Koodo's regular plans suck. They suck a bit less than Rogers/Bell/Telus/Fido and a tiny bit less than Virgin. A lot of us are here for the promotional plans. A lot of people wanting to try BB10 may just go with Wind (it's available in quite a few cities now).

Can't an option be added to Self Serve where we can choose our device type and our data options are automatically set to that device?

Promo plans are nice and I'm grateful, but allowing us to switch device type would be even better. It can even be a source of revenue for Koodo (1 free switch per year, $10 fee per switch subsequently).

Sure, there will be a few people that'll make the switch to an existing plan if necessary. But, BB10 won't be cheap and Koodo can only give $150 off the retail price. When the cost of switching isn't exactly chump change, how many people will choose to take a hit on their plan rate/features as well?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Is there not an option for this already? What does it say when you go and select a rate plan? Does it show an option to select device type? I know Koodo reps can select the device type.
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I haven't tried to change it, but I've noticed people asking about switching to/from BB on these forums and the answers always include having to get a new rate plan. There is no special BB pricing, but you have to select from available plans at the moment.
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While in theory that works (and isn't a bad idea), you can already keep plans when switch from a Blackberry (as long as it's not one of the ones that includes Social Networking or something BIS exclusive).

That being said your plan that you already have (if it's not a BB one) doesn't include APN access to the blackberry servers and unless theres a way to add it (as a chargeable feature), it isn't as easy as you may think.

Business practice aside the have to delete access to the promo plans when it comes time to end them otherwise everyone would be on them (if you couldn't switch yourself whats stopping a rep in store or over the phone from switching you).
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In that case, can't Koodo grant access to promo plans to their employees? That way people not on the plan can't get it through Self Serve after it expires, but existing plan members can get the switch to/from the BB version by calling 611?

I'm sure measures could be put in place to stop any abuse of this by reps. Being written up and fired for misconduct are usually effective deterrents.
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It would be more practical to create an add-on that allows access to BIS. That's actually what most other carriers do/the 'standard' for peopling switching between BB and non-BB plans with expired plans
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While I completely agree with Ahmad on this felt I should reply to ile as well.

While I agree with what you say and support reps having the ability to make decisions on their own (kinda like how at Disneyworld anyone can get you free popcorn or a drink if they see you drop yours. that kinda stuff), too much power can be abused, and this is something that Im sure most reps would set their friends and families up with first chance they get. It's cheaper to retain staff than hire/train new staff so at that point Koodo saves money by not opening access, and forcing themselves in a situation to write up/fire reps.
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I'm sorry, but I disagree. Have the system flag all activations of expired promos.

Let's say a rep abuses the system by giving an expired promo plan to a friend or relative. Plan change flagged by the system. System checks if the previous plan was the same promo plan but for a different device. If not, the employee gets a talking to.

Instead of automating, supervisors could periodically audit employee transaction. Isn't employee performance evaluated anyway?

But, I believe it can be done (as Ahmad suggested) by simply creating an add on that can be enabled/disabled. Much better idea, same end result.
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From my understanding I've heard that BB10 devices will not need special BlackBerry specific plans for them.
I'm not sure if this is true but I'm sure we will find out on January 30th when RIM holds their BB10 launch in NY.
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Let's hope so.
Since we live in a time where everyone is wanting to save those extra few cents..
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Actually I wish Koodo could offer expired/out of market plans as loyalty/retention offers. I know of a few Rogers and Telus clients who got the featured 6GB plans even after they weren't being offered anymore.

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