Alcatel Onetouch won't allow me to see picture messages!

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alcatel onetouch phone wont allow me to view recieved picture messages. i have clicked "download" cant find image any where on phone. plan says i have unlimited picture messages.
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Heather Lott

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Posted 4 years ago

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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Did it download?
If so then the photo should be viewable in your text app or it might have downloaded onto your Gallery App.

If it didnt download, your mobile data needs to be enabled (and No data block placed on your account). To prevent data leakage, it is recommened that you connect to a strong wifi connection and turn on data to download the picture and then switch off data immediately
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Sandy Clarke

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Im not clicking on any links abd restarting this post
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Janine Moore

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i have a new alcatel and it won't allow data at either. have done all the toubleshooting and called provider. not sure if can be fixed, dodo think its a fault with their phones
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Could you create a new thread and provide some more detail?
Is your data turned on? Post or Prepaid? Are you trying to send or receive a picture message or just use your data? If you are just trying to use your data do you have a data plan, data block, data booster?
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Mary Mesina

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My picture message is downloaded but it gives an error says " MESSAGE NOT FOUND" I have my data working well and wifi working pretty well. But still pic messages i received says the same error.
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Dinh, Mobile Master

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The topic is 1 year old, i would suggest you open a new topic. What phone was it, and did it happen to you regularly or with only few contact?
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Mark Loveless

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This phone used to receive pictures in messaging and now it doesn't.  Everything Unlimited Plan.  I have tried all kinds of suggestions given in different forums and nothing works.  I even performed a factory reset and still can't receive pics in messages.  The messaging screen displays the pic is downloading and it still never comes up.  There is no way to check the Access Point Name (APN) settings on this Straight Talk phone.  Alcatel A846L.  
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Amy Steele

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Mark did you ever fiqure this out my phone is doing the same and i have checked everything still cannot receive and data pics or send them
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Is your data enabled on your phone?

Also make sure your account does not have a data block applied
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Hello Mark.

Did you block your data?
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Elizabeth Lane

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Can't receive or send pictures on phone & data is on; also on wifi & no blocks of anytype on phone or what do you suggest to receive & send photos
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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Try restarting your phone
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Mark Loveless

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How can I tell if data is blocked. The data is enabled.
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Duane Schmidt

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I can't veiw pictures that are send to me? On my alcatel onetouch pop icon phone?
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John Lowe

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Me too Duane. Even the icons in this thread don't open.
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John. Please use this link and start a new post.

We need more info to help you - Do you also have Alcatel onetouch pop icon?, Postpaid or prepaid?, Data block on your account? Where did you get your phone and when, what phone...etc.
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Susan Kilmartin

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I'm so confused as to why I can't download pictures that are sent in my text messages. The phone is fairly new, unlocked and using C.C. network. I have done the suggestions listed above and still not downloading.
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What is C.c network? are you a Koodo customer?
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Having similar problem with photos and messaging, with the PIXI Unite A466BG via Tracfone . . . very frustrating.  Photo that I thought was supposed to be sent out with text message, didn't happen?
Not even sure how to verify what was actually sent with the text message.  This is not a "user friendly" interface for this type of function.  Help?
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Allan, Mobile Master

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You need to have data turned on to send an MMS (picture message).
As well, make your you have the right APN settings set for tracfone.