Alberta Flood of 2013...

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Wow... just got a disturbing call from my Daughter.

Picture this. She and her 4lb Yorkie are evacuated with an overnight bag and a cell phone as the flood waters rise all around her. She makes it out just in time.

Then her phone goes *PING* Koodo is giving away free long distance to help out flood victims.

What does she do? Of course she calls her mom. Except Mom is in New York at the moment. "Oh don't worry Mom - Koodo is giving away free long distance" and they have a nice long "free" chat.

Except it isn't free. Koodo isn't giving us anything - just the Canada Wide we all have already. No US Long distance at all!

So instead of a free call to mom, my daughter is getting a big fat bill. Thanks for nothing Koodo.

Maybe lay off the tricky text messages and send us some sandbags instead.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Oops! Koodo that's not cool! If the text is not clear then I think Koodo must honour their message
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A friend of ours who lives in Canmore got the text message too. He was forever grateful for being able to make calls and not worry about the cost. I don't know what the text message said but he knew he couldn't just call anywhere in the world. To be honest I'd assume too that it only applies to Canadian calls.
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The text message specifically states that affected customers will not be charged for canada wide calling over and above their plan until further notice. (i.e. if they're on the $25 plan they'll only be charged $25 no matter how many minutes they use)
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I guess things do not benefit all sometimes, but I am pretty sure that the person on the minimum plan, with restricted minutes, must be grateful about this, since will be able to use the phone with no worries...

On the other hand, if the call to New York was just a simple and short call to say mom not to worry since everything is ok, I would for sure credit that call, we are humans and we understand...

I hope everything is ok with you guys...
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My heart and mind go to those evacuated people that left their homes for Shelters, This is right time to Koodo to show that he cares about affected Koodo customers by this huge floadings in Alberta.
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Sorry to hear about this situation, I've seen the message myself and it's pretty clear. Koodo certainly wasn't trying to confuse anyone to cheat customers into calling outside the coverage they offered.

But as Camilo said, we're humans here at Koodo, we would understand the confusion in these scary times in Calgary and would likely work something out.
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I agree that the message was reasonably clear to somebody sitting on the sofa sipping a coffee.

The exact message said: "We want to help. Due to the flooding, u won't be charged beyond your plan for Canada-wide calling until further notice. Stay safe."

Well... if you already pay for a Canada-wide plan you might think Koodo is going to cap your plan at that rate and charge no more than the standard monthly plan - even if you call the US.

Ok... most people wouldn't read it that way but imagine a rattled younger person. There are firemen banging on the door. The lights are out. The water is rushing into the building. They get this text, spend a half second to read it then dash for the emergency stairwell.

All they take away from the message is Free Long distance - I can call my mom!
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I completely agree with this
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I'm sorry, but I don't. Canada-wide was specifically mentioned.

And while all our current plans are nationwide, not all of them have unlimited airtime. And if I'm in an emergency situation, I'm making a call to let my family know that I'm okay regardless of the cost. And that call will be short so that my battery can be stretched as far as possible in case of an even bigger emergency.

I'm not trying to be callous here and I've lived through some pretty brutal emergencies myself.

I hope that your daughter is well.
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I think it can be a little confusing if you are already on a Canada-Wide plan and you see the words "you wont be charged beyond your plan".
I mean, I mis-read stuff sometimes in non-stress situations. I can only imagine how I would react in an emergency scenario
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Hey Koodo... rather than your tricky text messages, how about do what Rogers and Fido are doing:

"Rogers and Fido customers who are interested in making a $5 donation to help those in the affected regions can do so on their mobile phone. All you have to do, is text the word ABHELP to 4664"

Maybe go one further and MATCH all the donations that come in?
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I'm sure she will call eventually. She has other priorities at the moment. So do I.

And Timo... sorry to hear about your flood related loss. Most people say "you should have bought flood insurance". They don't know that you can't even buy flood insurance in Canada if you want to.

I still think it would be nice if Koodo was willing to actually help out rather than try to cash in with an empty PR spin. But it's not too late. They might step up. Who knows.

Why don't we all start a thread asking them to REALLY help out rather than patting them on the back for doing the absolute minimum?
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If you'd like Koodo could do absolutely nothing.

This right here, is what I see as being greedy. Koodo is forgiving all Canadian Long Distance charges, which can result in a lot during this time of need, and you want MORE?

Again, your daughter has my sympathies, but you're just coming off as someone who wants a company to practically hand you money during a time where they are already helping out and it's a complete insult.
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You are absolutely right. Koodo can't be forced to give anything to anybody. Nobody can.

I can only hope they will decide to do more if they feel they are able.

But I can still mention what OTHER providers are doing, right? Maybe that will help nudge them in the right direction.

A donation number would be a helpful. Hey... if Fido can do it, I KNOW Koodo can do it.
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Go right ahead and create a thread, Bob :) Another forum participant patting Koodo on the back does not mean you can't start a thread to suggest improvements, there is room for all here :) Some people feel the need to express appreciation or gratitude and that is their good right.

Doesn't mean you can't express your own thoughts... as long as it is done in a civil way. Go for it, I might even +1 your idea :)

Edit: ack, things are moving fast here. This was in response to your message "why don't we all start a thread"...
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It sounds like Rogers and Fido aren't doing anything out of pocket from whats been posted. All they are doing is helping people text to donate their money. Whereas Koodo is offering basically unlimited Canada-Wide calling to flood victims as well as that same ability to donate.

This is right off of Telus's Facebook page:
"Looking for ways to lend a hand to friends in Alberta? The team at the Canadian Red Cross can use your support – Text REDCROSS (or ROUGE) to 30333 to donate $5 or go to: Stay safe!

So anyone looking to help out those in Calgary please take a minute to do this and donate. I just did and it works on both Telus and Koodo phones. I know a lot of people down in Calgary and can only hope for the best for them. Ive seen a lot of pictures and its horrible the level of damage there.
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I don't have Facebook so missed it but it's on the Telus page. Found it in another thread here:

Text REDCROSS (or ROUGE) to 30333 to donate $5
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that this is actually set up by the Redcross and is therefore available to all carriers. I wonder if Rogers/Fido are also offering unlimited Canada Wide calls too.

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