Airtime/Text USAGE NOTIFICATIONS (Txt or email)

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Give customers the option to set up text message or e-mail notifications for their airtime and text message usage.

Good for customers,but also good for koodo, since customers would be more knowledgeable of their needs and change their plans accordingly.
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Marina Nosso

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Posted 5 years ago

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Good idea Marina if it can be implemented by Koodo for AT/SMS, Koodo advice customers to follow on their AT/SMS usage on Selfserve, no need for SMS notification since all new plans have unlimited SMS
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I agree, I find it unfortunate that I can not get notified when my airtime is almost at its limit. I would much rather know my usage and be able to plan accordingly if I need to modify my plan...
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Barbara Steele

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Bell seems to have Koodo beat in this regard! My husband has a Bell plan, and recently got a text notification that he had gone over his long distance usage and would incur $15, then another text a later that day saying he was up to $30 (he was doing an unusual amount of conference calls for work). The great thing is by going to the Bell website you could change your plan retroactively if you wished to avoid the extra charges. In his case, for only $15 we switched to a no limit long distance plan, the only catch being you had to keep it for 2 months before switching back. In our case, it still saved us money and stress, especially as it was early in the billing cycle and the final bill may have been even larger.  Its about time Koodo did something like this. Don't let Bell outdo you, Koodo!!
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Alex Goguen

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It really would be nice... Barbara saying Bell has this feature makes me want to switch... Getting an extra 20$ on my bill for being on the phone longer than my plan had is not something I enjoyed; especially when a simple text to warn me I was at 75% of my available AirTime would have been easy and it would have helped me manage how much to use my calls for the rest of the cycle or switch to a plan with more minutes.
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Carriers don't warn you when you're close to the end of your talk time. Bell I guess will tell when you are over but that's about it. Don't expect that to happen anytime soon.

Also the minutes are prorated, unlike Bell I guess, so if you switch to a higher plan you might end up paying more in overages. The ones has been put entirely on the customer to keep track of when they go over.
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Maybe Barbara meant roaming usage instead of long distance? This would follow what other carriers do in regards to notifications.
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Barbara Steele

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No, Bell let us know when my husband's long distance was used up, and we were able to retroactively get additional minutes added on rather than pay overage fees. Even better would have been a warning. If most carriers are already doing this for roaming, why can't they do the same for long distance or air time? It's very easy to go over without realizing it, (especially when speaking to aging relatives who want to talk your ear off!).
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So you husband was notified that "he had gone over his long distance usage and would incur $15"?. It seemed your husband was on a prepaid plan, not a postpaid (monthly). Was it the case? Koodo prepaid also does the same thing, they would notify if your minutes are used up.
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Barbara Steele

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Both are monthly plans, so we are comparing apples to apples as much as I am aware.  Bell texted us right away when my husband went over, and gave us the option to upgrade to more minutes for a small amount. With Koodo, I didn't find out I had gone over on my airtime until I got a truly shocking bill (my husband had cancer, and calls to doctors and relatives increased dramatically - under these circumstances one has other things on the mind than your phone plan). Maybe Koodo has changed in the 3 years since then, but I have not heard anything to that effect.
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Well before you saying this I wasn't aware of any company that did something like this.
The reasoning behind it is because most people have unlimited minutes and don't need to worry about going over or that minutes are easily trackable from your phone where data isnt as much so.