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cost when going over monthly allowed data is at $10 per additional 250 Mb over and above what I pay per month. Am I the only one feeling we are getting the Big shaft by our greety big 3. These rates are outrageously high.

So now that I own my phone ( brand new OnePlus 3), will Koodo match what I can get by switching back to Fido ? They would allow me 500 MB per additional $10.00...

Otherwise I feel like it's going to be bye bye love... I have given koodo an additional $200 last month and will again this month... Does not make sense to charge so much.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Francois,

Why don't you get a plan with a proper amount of data for your needs?
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I'm already on a 6 gigs plan and next one up is a big step for not much more data and evidently I don't plan on going over the 6 gigs on a frequent and regular basis... That said, try and convince me that a phone bill is normal at 300 for a month, regardless of the amount of additional data....

Please!?!? I can get a brand new car for that much money... This is just corporations getting a hard on over the prospect of more money... As much as we can get.

I'm sure that even if your preaching for the company you chose you can appreciate my reasoning here...
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Can't say I've ever done an OS update OTA, so your use pattern is definitely different than mine.
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That's why most phones today are equipped with Wi-Fi. No one uses data for OS updates. In fact, manufacturers tell you to use Wi-Fi for OS updates. Maybe this explains the overages.
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Bell and Telus has a tower sharing agreement

Telus owns Koodo 
Bell owns Virgin
Rogers owns Fido

Tech-wise, being on Koodo is no different that being on Telus.  And it's very similar to being on Bell
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What a fucking rip off. There are add on services for everything nobody needs, but the one thing we do need there is no add on available. I liked koodo until just now. Cash grab garbage. Wake up we're tired of being screwed over get it!
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What is the add-on that you nees that you bepieve koodo doesnt have? This thread is about additonal data add-on which koodo has.
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Overage charges aren't supposed to be advantageous. Koodo will not match the offer from Fido but you might get offered an additional data add-on (1Gb for 10$) if this behaviour continues.
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Yeah... Well just finished reading the fine print for fido and I believe it's time to switch back... Koodo won't do anything for me so they can keep their overage advantageous for them... Let's see if this is a better option than losing my business.... Just the last 2 months I gave them $600
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John and never had a late payment... And also cleared my tab well ahead of time ... I think this accounts for great business on my part
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Well, farewell to you guys and thx for the replies. The ride was good for a year but in the end money talks louder than even words... By Koodo not offering me better options they allowed me in the end to get the same 6 gigs plan for $2 less lol... and cut my overages by 50 % nothing less and perhaps even more as I believe there is the option to buy 1 Gig at a time for just $15 ( only $5 more than koodo's ridiculously high $10 per 250 megs ) also allowed me to find out coverage seems better in my house (I have been in a poor reception area for years regardless of carrier) and seems like I'm getting a better LTE lock elsewhere. That is a lot of win win

Ah the joys of buying your phone unlocked and upfront. Canadian carriers need to start changing their practices as more and more companies are offering top performing devices for much lower prices and making it more and more easy to get them worldwide !

Cheers !