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I've been with Koodo for 2 years now. Great service all around.

I actually chose Koodo because they were the first to offer Canada wide plans before anyone else.

I know we're in a data-centric society now-a-days but I think as a great way to differentiate between the competition and show that Koodo is always ahead of the competition, would be to add unlimited incoming calls to ALL plans.

Perhaps a small gesture but one that I think would make Koodo stand out.

What does the community think?
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Posted 5 years ago

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In a perfect world I agree with you. But Cell phone carriers have to make the $$$ some how or someway. This particular feature is generally extra for any cell phone provider for that matter. Like any other cell phone company we try to out beat everyone with great customer service and satisfaction. But stick around I remember a couple of months ago unlimited incoming was included in the $50 data plan and the $35 talk/text plan. Keep your eyes peeled school is right around the corner and I expect some awesome back to school specials. (so I hope)
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They had it before July 15th, 2013.

Now it's a $10 add-on, except for those on a Canada-wide plan:
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It was always available as an add on, it's just that a few plans used to include it.
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That could be nice headline for next ad campaign in the ever squeezing market where every edge counts but then someone in Koodo HQ need to crunch and forecast the figures first. Should be a nice "what if" scenario ;)
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It would never happen. Koodo would never have that edge. Based on how quickly, bell, rogers, fido, virgin respond to one another's tactics whatever koodo would offer would be matched in days. It would be awesome for us, but I think companies have learnt that unless they have something that no one can match, like an exclusive phone, all that will happen is that they will make less and less money. In the capitalist world we live in shareholders brutally penalize companies with decreasing profits. Whether we like it or not it is that way.
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Yea why do we have to pay for incoming anyway! by lan line standards the person dialing is supposed to pay.. when did the norm become that both parties have to pay.
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It's been that way basically forever. This isn't Europe, unfortunately.
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I agree. It should always be unlimited incoming anything. Just like landlines. It's time to get with Europe. I avoid using my phone as much as possible.
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Damn, Virgin has free incoming on all their plans so I just assumed Kodoo did too when I transferred over and now I have a stupid tab for two years... Koodon't
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Ummm... No, Virgin doesn't. In fact, all of their plans are pretty much identical to Koodo's. A select few of their older plans included it, just like Koodo's, but it's generally been an add-on.
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uhhh, well I was with Virgin for several years and had free unlimited incoming on my $32 account. I guess I was special.
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  • 100 Points 100 badge 2x thumb $80 bucks a month for a lot of unlimited features up to 105 for nice data amount. Still wish a person could find unlimited incoming like a landline.
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Well, they have no particular reason to offer it either. They give peanuts for $70+/month and people are signing up left and right to get that shiny iPhone. If absolutely nobody signed up for 2 months in a row, then there would certainly be a panic light going on somewhere...

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