Add Free Unlimited Streaming for music (All Koodo Customers)

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Add Free Unlimited Music Streaming for all Koodo customers! T-Mobile just introduced this in the states. The idea is that Koodo will allow you to stream music (from select partners) without using your included data. I suggested this a while back and people said it was impossible, clearly its not. This would be a huge hit and I believe customers would reconginse you for this.
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Posted 4 years ago

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And just where would the music service come from? So explain to me how Koodo would get the music to your phone? And that's the states just to clarify the states is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than canadian phone sevice in the states you can actually get a unlimited data plan! Here you can't. It would cost way to much money for Koodo to run this Idea and it would be almost impossible to do.
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Carriers that offer free music streaming do it in the same way that MMS is made free. The carrier partners with a streaming service (Deezer has been popular in Europe) and when using the said service on their network, the data is routed through a proxy that doesn't count against your data usage.
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Thank you! Perfect explanation!
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"how Koodo would get the music to your phone?" T-Mobile has a deal with Google Play Music, for example. Google Play Music is one of multiple ways to "get the music to your phone".
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Most of the American carriers that provide "unlimited data" in the US, also have lousy coverage. Its like wind here, ya its cheap, but if you travel out of state you don't have coverage.
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Net10/TracFone/Cricket all offer unlimited data on AT&T's network and Cricket offers plans which include deezer.
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It explains this in more detail here. "I want what their having"
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Koodo Customer

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T-Mobile is one of the most customer friendly cellphone providers in the world whereas our beloved carriers are the greediest. This service wouldn't bring them a lot of money and without counting towards your data usage, NO WAY.
Edit: I didn't read that "Free" part. If I saw that at first, I would have just said "Not even in your dreams".
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Hear hear! I would love for my Google Play Music All Access usage not to count towards my data limit!
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It's really funny how Koodo doesn't even chime in about this idea? Come on Koodo free streaming  Music how about it? (I know in my dreams) but we gotta put it out there. Lets see if Koodo even had the Ba**s to reply to this.
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Another thing Google does not chime about, is the fact that since they got into the Music Business, the Music Downloaders in play store, became USELESS. Example: Gtunes, having been one of the best.
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Saying let's see if koodo has the balls to reply to this isnt one way to get them to respond to this request. as well the market for streaming in the us is significantly larger then in Canada, because it's just becoming the normal in Canada it's only been a year Spotify has been out in Canada. Give it a year or two it'll come out Fido already offers Spotify with the contract on plans but doesn't offer unlimited data for it.
PLaning on switching to fido for free spotify. Sad Koodo could not keep up with the market...
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Hopefully Koodo will re-consider.
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Todd Leblanc

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pretty much all the company's are at a stand off.  they are all waiting for the other to make the move. when one company finally pulls a t-mobile they will all come out swinging with their own  exclusive. why make a move when you don't have too.
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Keep in mind that nothing is free. When Spotify or Apple, talk of streaming, they have a potential market of 350+ million subscribers or hits for the US rights package of any item. Discussions of royalties (yes, those still exist), can start at fractions of a penny and not be laughed out of the room.

Can't say the same for Canada. Even if an angry bear starts chasing a bunch of Canadian campers, you don't have to win the race to get out of there, you just have to be faster than the slowest guy to stay alive.
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great idea!

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