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I notice the new 3rd-gen Moto G has a Koodo store price of $216, but includes an "activation credit" of $48.  Is this a credit for activating a new account?  Or is it also available to someone updating their phone on an existing account?
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Posted 3 years ago

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All promo's like that are for new activations only which means new phone lines activated, not renewals. So the answer to your question is no, it's not available for someone upgrading an exisiting account/line.
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Ahmad, I think this is an exception. I believe it counts for renewals too. When the Nexus 5 was new, I did an upgrade to that phone for someone back at Mobile Shop and it included a $50 activation credit on their service agreement for getting it on Tab versus buying it outright. I think this is the same scenario.
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Same here,  I just upgraded/renewed to the Idol 3 a month ago and got the $24 activation credit. Added mine to the TAB as well.
So it seems it is for activating the phone.
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Hey there guys!

This "activation credit" is a discount that applies for all the customers (new and existing) that buy certain phones on the new TAB. And yes, it is available to someone updating their phone on an existing account.

Hope this helps!
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Online ordering is actually unavailable so you have to go in-store to get it. But my point is don't go by what you see/put in your cart on the Koodo website. Hopefully someone can confirm whether or not the activation credit on the iPhone 6 is for existing customers as well
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What's the CATCH ? The catch is that you get the activation credit only if you go with the TAB Plus, which only comes with some plans, and those plans are EXPENSIVE and, in my case, not only expensive but also worse than my current plan. Significantly worse, and $15 more.
Online you get the activation credit, but then they invite you to visit a store, to finish the deal, only to be let down with the TAB Plus disappointment.
I am happy to edit this, if this is incorrect.
So Veronica, you need some qualifiers there with "someone updating their phone on an existing account." That's only half of the story there.
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Everything you said has never been true.

Never has Koodo offered a promo on a gift card where a Tab Plus was required. You're just lying to people. It's always been normal or any tab. You won't be able to edit what you've said.

Also, you also bumped a 3 month old thread for no valid reason which is against the community rules. Please look at the dates of threads you're replying to, especially ones you clearly went out of your way to search for
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History repeats itself (anyway).
If you want to understand it, please follow my detail explanation below.
Ahmad: who said anything about gift cards ?

9$ >>> the difference TODAY between equal feature plans.(14 Dec 2015 )e.g.

55$/mth Can Wide, Reg. Tab, Unlimited minutes, 1 GB of data, Unlimited messaging
64$/mth Can Wide, Tab +, Unlimited minutes, 1 GB of data, Unlimited messaging

Advantage of TAB+ >>> you can borrow more (you will pay it back ) BUT you also pay a more expensive plan, as long as you keep it ( until you pay back your phone anyway )

From Koodo site today (14 Dec 2015 ):

Samsung Galaxy S6 ( TAB vs TAB + )
TAB+ >>> Retail price $760 Activation credit -$156 Tab Plus discount -$504
TAB Reg >>> Retail price$760 Tab discount -$360

$9 x 24mth = $216 ( You pay 9$ more / mth for 24mth )
That is $216 , to get an Activ. Disc. of $156 and a bigger borrowing limit towards your phone.
You will be paying 60$ EXTRA to have the honour.

Again, notice the "Activ. Disc." not available on regular TAB.

I went to the store yesterday to get the S6 above. Talked to a real Koodo rep. No luck.

I have an even better plan (through previous promotions).
I pay only $45 for the $55 plan.
When I say ONLY, I CRY inside because same plan, would be around 25$ in Europe.
So I would end up paying 19$ month more for the Tab +, as many other will that have similar plans like mine.

So far, 5 years or so with Koodo, I am happy and loyal customer now,
BUT, this promotion is NOT what it seems !

This forum should have the option to edit posts, and close old threads, modern standards. Koodo, you didn't get a good deal with this forum.

The initial thread seemed relevant.
I am happy to create a new one. Just for everyone to see.
Take care Ahmad.
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I"m as confused as a duck in a hen house! I want an iphone 6 plus 16 GB but it's beyond me what is the best deal. I'm from the old school and would like to pay cash for it but my kids tell me to go with the tab. Seems prices change every time I check the computer. Please tell me which is the better way. Thanks. Ted

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