[HOW-TO] - Guide to GLOBAL Badge Notifications (Android)

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This is a Guide I put together a while ago & decided I'd share it with my fellow Koodo Users with Android devices.

Since many of my Android friends seemed to not be aware Android was able to do it (for more than just SMS / GMail / Missed Calls) and I couldn't really find a resource online, I figured I'd post a quick guide to getting GLOBAL Badge Notifications (little red #'s indicating how many Notifications each App has displayed on the individual App icons) working on Android.
Here's an example:

Admittedly it's the one iOS feature I wish Android supported natively & from the get-go (though might be "owned" by Apple) so I was super stoked when I figured this out & got it working on my various Android devices!

Here's what you need (other than a device running ICS 4.0 & up):
-Nova Launcher--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...
-Nova Launcher Prime--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...
-Tesla Unread Count--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...
-Missed It!--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

Here's how you set it up:
-Set the "Provider" in Tesla Unread Count as "Missed It!"

-Launch Missed It! & go to Options--> Shared Elements

-Put whatever App you want to have a Badge Notification for in that list

That's it, now whether the App icon is in the Drawer, a folder on your Home Screen or on its on on your Home screen (provided you're using Nova Launcher Prime), you'll be getting Badge Notifications!

A few additional things worth noting:
-It also works on WidgetLocker--> https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...
-It will work for all Apps that put a Notification in the Status Bar (only exceptions I've found so far seem to be a couple of the native Apps - "Screenshots", stock "Alarm Clock" & "Downloads" but other stock Apps like "Calendar", "Play Store" & the rest do, assuming they produce Status Bar Notifications already).
-Remember that you'll need to make sure you set the individual Apps to display Status Bar Notifications.
-The icons won't display the Badge Notifications on the icon placed within a Widget for example: Folder Organizer or Circle Launcher.

-You might need to add each App individually - as in, add one, close Missed It!, add another, close Missed It! & so-on. So it's a little time consuming to get it all set up initially, but once it's done, you're golden!
-Like many Accessibility Settings it will occasionally need to be switched off & back on after a reboot of your device (if you have more than one Accessibility Settings App enabled on your device).
-There's an inherent problem with Apps that use Accessibility Services which is that you can't have too many or some will stop working. I recommend you enable MissedIt within the first 3 Apps listed in Accessibility Settings
-WhatsApp & Google+ seem to have a problem with accurate reporting (numbers often don't match) but that's something needing to be fixed on their end.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on my original Thread ( http://forums.androidcentral.com/andr... ), however, Nova Launcher is currently the only one to support this feature as it needs to be supported by the Launcher.
There's a couple other Launchers that support Badge Notifications (Espier & Apex) but those are limited to certain Apps & don't cover ALL Apps the way this method using MissedIt does.
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Posted 5 years ago

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You should post this on your Koodo Mobile Master Blog John, then at least one of us will have used it lol.
This might not work on Samsung devices with such features as Air View, smart pause, ect without shutting all the Samsung features off. Ppl say to shut them off then enable a 3rd party feature in Accessibility settings then turn back on the Samsung features to get both working but I've tried on multiple Samsung devices and could not get both working simultaneously.
Just a heads up if having issues on devices such as Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S4.
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I posted a couple on the MM Blog but they're all sitting there as "under review" for months so I gave on on posting anything there.

As for the Samsung compatibility issue, it's a known Samsung bug & usually disabling Webscripts works. It worked on my S3.

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