911 in the usa

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will 911 work in the us with a phone that has your sim card but isnt active
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Posted 4 years ago

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Probably not, but most (if not all) cell phones are required to be able to make an emergency call even without a SIM card inserted so I think you'd be okay in that regard.
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All cellphones whether active or not are supposed to be able to connect to 911.
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The only way 911 won't work is if you are in an area where there's no available wireless signal (either in a completely dead zone, or somewhere where providers use different frequencies from what your phone supports).

If there's an available signal in the correct frequency range, the call will go through.
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Or if there is no 911 service in the region or if 911 is a different number
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Also keep in mind it connects you to the nearest municipalities 911 service.
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From Wikipedia:

"Most GSM mobile phones have 112, 999 and 911 as pre-programmed emergency numbers that are always available.[15] The SIM card issued by the operator can contain additional country-specific emergency numbers that can be used even when roaming abroad. The GSM network can also update the list of well-known emergency numbers when the phone registers to it.

Using an emergency number recognized by a GSM phone like 112 instead of another emergency number may be advantageous, since GSM phones and networks give special priority to emergency calls. A phone dialing an emergency service number not recognized by it may refuse to roam onto another network, leading to trouble if there is no access to the home network. Dialing a known emergency number like 112 forces the phone to try the call with any available network.

On some networks a GSM phone without a SIM card may be used to make emergency calls and most GSM phones accept a larger list of emergency numbers without SIM card, such as 112, 911, 118, 119, 000, 110, 08, and 999. However, some GSM networks will not accept emergency calls from phones without a SIM card, or even require a SIM card that has credit. For example, Latin American networks typically do not allow emergency calls without a SIM. Also, GSM phones sold in some countries like Singapore do not accept 112 as an emergency number even if they have a SIM card inserted."
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I agree with dfbutt above, but the operative word is "supposed".

While in the US, my Koodo phone boots up with the message "Emergency Calls Only" before it finds the correct local partner network.

Question is: in case of emergency, do you really want to bet life and limb just on my opinion here?
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From experience! As Long as there is a signal, a described cellphone will call 911. Bottom line. No need to spin our wheels.

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