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Please allow 5 seconds more time to pick up the phone before the voicemail jumps in. I see that this is set to 25 Seconds. Most network systems allow a flexible setting of this from 5 to 30 seconds. Sometimes half a second makes the difference. :-)

However, in the Koodo network the relevant network command codes are disabled, so the end user can not change the time setting.

Maybe you can change this for all Koodo customers to 30 seconds. Or, with a little more effort, you could include a menu in the Self Serve part of the Koodo website where the end user could set this value itself. I've seen this offered my some operators.
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Posted 6 years ago

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.... Or you could answer your phone? Haha, but I don't have this problem so I can't say that I agree.
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Depending on the situation it might take extra time for them to get to their phone. If it was in a purse for example they might not hear it at first then have to dig through their purse to get it and by that time it could have gone to voicemail.
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Can you not change how many rings before the voicemail kicks in?
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This is run by robot software, Koodo did well by adding free VM service and resolved missed calls, caller will leave VM message in case call was not answered, try installing long ringtone like music ringtone
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This would be a good idea, that way it could profit all Koodo customers. Whether they need it or not. Have a good day everyone :)
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Hey Daniel, I'll pass this along to my bosses. I can't guarantee that anything will come of it, but if it does, we will let everyone know :).
It would be a great idea, but at the same time the phone companies expect that you will answer your phone right before it goes to voicemail.
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Hey Daniel
I tried these settings I found on Google on my Koodo phone, unfortunately they did not work,
You can set the ring duration to last from a minimum of 5 seconds up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

1.On your mobile phone, dial *61*xxxxxxxxx (voice mail service center) *11*number of seconds#(see example below).
2.Press SEND.
3.A status message will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device stating that Call Forwarding is now enabled.
Example of ring duration set to 20 seconds: *61*6473832355*11*20#

Note: If you enter a number of seconds for the ring duration that is less than 5 or more than 30, the system will automatically abort the change and default to the previous setting.

The change will be effective immediately and there is no cost associated with this change.

To disable
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Yes, that would be the usual way to do it (and many phones have that as a menu setting, too). Koodo has deactivated these commands. Why they have deactivated them I do not know.
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I work day-to-day on-call and in order to receive a job, I must answer in person. If I happen to miss a call and it goes to voicemail, I miss a day of work. I would really appreciate being able to change the ring time to 30 seconds. I hope this is still under consideration MykeC! Thanks.
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I have a Z10. After a bit of searching, I discovered this command, and it works. Minimum time is 10 seconds. I changed it to 15 seconds, and now the caller hears three rings only (but I hear about 6 rings on the phone). Perfect.


e.g. **61*+14385804001*11*XX#
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MatB's instructions seemed to work for me... I got a Call Forwarding is now enabled message... Thanks Mat!

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