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Thanks to the great ideas you’ve submitted, we keep changing for the better. Read on for the ones you’ve made a reality so far through Koodo Ideas.

1.The Bigger, Better Tab
Now you can put up to $500 towards your dream phone, up from $150 with the original Tab. http://koo.do/1kViBot

2.Bill Payments with Prepaid Credit Cards
We wanted to make it easier for you to pay your monthly bill, so when someone had the idea to allow prepaid Visa and MasterCard payments, we thought it was a good one. http://koo.do/1aGJ3RQ

3.Visual Voicemail for iPhones
You wanted to get your voicemail without dialing into a mailbox, so we made this very popular idea a reality. http://koo.do/1bOpZjN

4.Upgrade Phones Without Being the Account Holder
Before, if you wanted to upgrade your phone when someone else was the account holder, it was a bit of a hassle. But thanks to a great idea, you can now authorize a family member to upgrade their phone on the account, any time. http://koo.do/1apiO1Q

5.The Ability to Clear the Tab ASAP
Before this suggestion, there wasn’t a way to contribute more than your monthly Tab contribution. Now you can make a contribution any time via Self Serve, so you can clear your Tab even faster and upgrade to a new phone sooner. http://koo.do/1dsZdyT

6.French Version of the Koodo Community
Many of our visitors are French-speaking, so the idea of making life easier for them was perfect. We are a bilingual nation, after all. Check it out at koodo.com/questions. http://koo.do/15cfgjo

7.Clear “Welcome to U.S.” SMS Alert
Someone noticed that the welcome message said “Texting us is free,” but some people thought it meant texting in the U.S. was free. So thanks to your idea, it’s all cleared up now. http://koo.do/1b8KVOz

8.Flexible U.S. Roaming Add-ons
We started with 3- and 30-day add-ons, and now there are five simple and flexible U.S. roaming options to suit any trip length! http://koo.do/K3gXWC

9.New Search Bar on the Koodomobile.com Homepage
Answers are good, but they’re even better when they’re easy to find. So we took your suggestion and made our website easier to search! http://koo.do/1aGLgMY

10.Improved “Report Lost Phone” FAQ
The original FAQ didn’t mention that you’re responsible for your monthly bill even if you lose your phone, so we agreed it was a good idea to clear that up. http://koo.do/19uX8TD

11.Community Contests at Shops and Retail
The idea: Create contests for new customers as an incentive to join the Koodo Community. The result: Awesome! Who doesn’t love contests, right? http://koo.do/L5PtzS

12.Outage Reminders via SMS
Sometimes Self Serve becomes temporarily unavailable while we upgrade and update. You wanted a quick heads-up when this happens, so now we’ll let you know! http://koo.do/112ESNq

13.Better Sorting for Prepaid Boosters on Self Serve
Some people found the order of our Boosters a little confusing, until someone suggested we organize them differently. Now they’re sorted by price! http://koo.do/1a7DEoP

14.An Easier Way to Find the Koodo Community
The Koodo Community helps answer plenty of questions. So when you suggested we list Koodo Community on the homepage menu under help, it made plenty of sense. http://koo.do/1j7Jc5k

We really want to thank you for sharing, voting and commenting. We’re just getting started, so remember to keep sharing your brightest ideas, big and small. http://koo.do/11ZzGar
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Sumaya K.

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Posted 5 years ago

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Photo of Sophia

Sophia, Mobile Master

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Awesome! It's so nice to know Koodo listens to their customer base :)
Photo of Sumaya K.

Sumaya K.

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Thank you for your ideas, Sophia!
Photo of Ivan

Ivan, Mobile Master

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This is very nice :)
Photo of Sumaya K.

Sumaya K.

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Thanks Ivan!
Photo of Jonathan I

Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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Awesome, especially #5. Whoever came up with that concept has to be the smartest and sexiest person alive.
Photo of Sumaya K.

Sumaya K.

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Ha ha ha.. :)
Photo of Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

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#8 is kinda lacked but that my intention is not to troll
. But other then that, awesome ideas and Koodo came a long way in the last year.
Photo of Sumaya K.

Sumaya K.

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Thanks Rocky, appreciate the feedback.
Photo of rikkster

rikkster, Mobile Master

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#3 was suggested ages ago and the original posters comments were likely archived. Glad to see it finally implemented. Great job everyone!
Photo of Sumaya K.

Sumaya K.

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Thanks Rikkster!
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Molvi Sahib

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