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Koodo's site today put up a warning: "Heads up! Due to the high number of recent orders, your phone may take 10 business days or more to be processed. Sit tight! We're working as fast as we can."  This made me unhappy as I was just about to order an iPhone (32GB black 7).  However, it has apparently shipped (confirmation email, with tracking#), only 3 hours after I placed my order.

Obviously, the problem isn't a simple matter of large numbers of orders backing up.  Perhaps unacknowledged out-of-stocks on a variety of phones?  Or some time-consuming step (credit check, or something) on, say, new customers as opposed to my order as an existing customer?
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Posted 4 months ago

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Not understanding, you said you were just about to order but then say it shipped, do you mean you ordered it today?
Phones come from different warehouses so it is probably dependant on that as well as stock and being behind from the amount of new customers from public and prepaid to postpaid. In reality though it seems it doesn't really matter what the reasoning is and you received your phone way ahead of when expected and your still complaining instead of just being happy you were one of thr fortunate ones, curious do you not have anything better to do really?

It's showing to expect delays however if a customer gets their order through sooner than when expected they're much happier, if they don't they get frustrated so Koodo usually goes with a worst case scenario. This is also the reason why Koodo doesnt announce software updates before they happen anymore actually.
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Yes, but for Koodo to go so far as to put a big scary warning on the front of the site, with an actual number like "10 or more days", rather than, say, a notice during the order process about possible delays, means that a significant number of orders are being affected.
There's no indication of a shipping estimate in the order process, until the actual shipment notification.  I gave some consideration to finding a local store with my chosen phone to avoid the uncertainty that my order might take an extra couple of weeks to arrive, but ultimately it wasn't worth the additional $65 it would have cost me.  Fortunately, I was "fortunate"...
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I hadn't ordered before I saw the warning, but I did place the order later today.
I wouldn't think that being "fortunate" would preclude me from being curious (not "complaining") as to what might be happening?
If they are using multiple warehouses there would be nothing stopping them from having cross-zone shipping capability in their system, and perhaps they even do, I don't know.  I'm sure many of the less fortunate folks would gladly trade an extra business day or two in longer Canada Post delivery times from a more distant point to avoid a potential 10+ business day delay while a closer one restocks (if that's what it is).
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I noticed that the "jet black" version of the 32GB iPhone 7 shows on Koodo's page as "Your order will ship in 1 to 2 weeks." - presumably some sort of supply constraint or backorder issue from Apple.  So their system can indicate backorder issues on individual models, if the required data is in the system.

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