[iPhone 6/6 Plus Pricing] Can I opt for a $21 (or more) monthly tab charge, WITHOUT switching to a Tab Plus plan?

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For example: the Note 4 retail price is currently $810. One could pay $450 up front, and a tab fee of $15 a month for 24 months and completely pay off the phone.

$450 + 24*$15 = $810

The iPhone 6 (let's say the 16GB version)) retails for $864. If one pays $360 now, as recommended by Koodo, and a tab fee of $21 a month for 24 months, that phone would also be paid off.

$360 + 24*$21 = $864

The difference in these two situations is that apparently the only way to purchase any of the latest iPhones would be to switch to one of the Tab Plus plans, which are all incredibly poorly priced for what you're getting. Let's say one opted for the $75 Tab Plus plan (2GB data) instead of the equivalent promotional $55 Tab plan (also 2GB data), which I believe is normally $65.

Am I missing something, or is there no particular reason why you can only buy an iPhone on Tab Plus? Why can't I simply opt to pay less up front, up my monthly tab charge from $15 to $21, and choose one of the regular Tab plans for >$10 cheaper? It appears that either way, the entire cost of the phone is going to be paid off solely by the customer either way, so is Koodo purposefully boxing you into one single financing option, for the privilege of opting to purchase and own an iPhone?

Thanks in advance to anybody who can shed some light on this.

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Posted 3 years ago

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You can buy an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with a smaller Tab -$360 ($24*15) or less.
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The good news is yes you can use the smaller Tab.

Apple generally enforces carriers to only advertise the highest possible subsidy. If someone wanted to pay a little bit more upfront like the smaller Tabs, Apple would rather get all their money right away and have you buy it full price + unlocked from one of their stores.
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If you want a bigger subsidy, you're going to pay more for your plan. That's how it works.
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Blah blah blah. Its called price gouging.
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If you buy a new car cash, you will pay less overall through 5 or 7 years than if you financed the principal for those amounts of time. This is similar to how the Tab Plus works. It's going to cost you more to subsidize a phone versus paying more upfront. You can't get a Ferrari for the price of a Corolla.

Ps. Not an employee.
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No its is nothing like buying a car. If i want to buy a car and get the sirus radio package, it's gonna cost me $xxx a month and it doesnt matterhow much I put down on the car.
The tab plus costing more is already accounting for the higher rate being paid through the lower down payment. Jacking up a rate plan for a lesser product being offered should have ZERO to do with how much you pay for the phone.
Under your logic, they want $6 more a month for the tab plus an extra $17 on the plan as what, an administration charge?? The markup on these phones is already at 300%. Stop being an apologist.
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" It's kind of like interest on a mortgage or car ". the only difference is that interest on a mortgage or a car is less then what koodo is charging. If you have a regular tag @ $60/month and you what the biggest subsidy, koodo requires you to get the tab plus, minimum $69/month. that means they are charging $216 interest on $144. You get better interest rates from a loan shark.

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