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wrongful deactivation

My phone plan was deactivated by my mom who's account it was under but she was not paying for. My step mom and dad have been in contact with koodo who agreed to keep it activated till the end of the month and then will be using a new plan or method to use my phone. My phone has been deactivated and will not connect. Please fix this. Your service is under renovations and I need my phone to be available for incoming calls, As i am expecting one within a few days. PLEASE FIX THIS

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I am uncertain as to what agreement you made with Koodo and what the agent meant by keeping it activated. However, given the situation you described, I don't see how Koodo can keep "your" account activated. It was under your mom's name so she is legally responsible for the account and keeping it in good standing. If she deactivated it, I don't see how Koodo can keep it activated without her consent. You need to call Koodo directly (1-866-995-6636) and sort this out if you are expecting an urgent phone call. Things don't look promising though.
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Danielle, I understand your frustrations but regardless of whether or not you actually pay the bill, it's not in your name. The account belongs to to your mom and they are responsible for it and they decide what they can do with it. Koodo won't do anything without the account holder, your mom. It won't matter what your step-mom or dad do. This is a family matter, not a Koodo one.