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would you recommend koodo

Last question for awhile. Definitely thinking of switching to Koodo. Would you recommend Koodo as your cell phone provider? What I like with Koodo, the roaming plans, cheaper rate plans. Also the fact your plan don't go really high to get a new phone. Even though you pay more out of pocket if you want the plan to stay cheaper. Thoughts or suggestions? thanks.

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I've bee with Koodo for a long time and I can cite you some more advantages. If you get with them, -You'll receive 15% tab which you get nowhere else -You'll receive an excellent customer service via the way you like (phone, community, facebook, etc) -You get to change your rate plan how many times you like (not many companies allow you to do this unless you tell them you quit) Considering your arguments, plus those ones I'd recommend Koodo for you. Also, I recommend Koodo to all my friends and family. And this is not because I get referal bonus, becasue I think it is the best they can get atm.
Robert wrote:

I've bee with Koodo for a long time and I can cite you some more advantages. If you get with them...

Other companies, except TELUS change your plan for free for as many times as you want. No "You called us, so we're going to charge you" stuff. 😉 And that 15% thingy is nothing. All carriers have to do the same thing now; clear the device balance in 24 months maximum with equal amounts of deduction each month.
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Hi there, I've been with Koodo for almost two years now, I switched from Bell and I don't regret it. Koodo provides a better bang for your dollar in my opinion. Never had any issues with billing and I've never had to call customer service in my time with them which is fine in my book. I've even had my girlfriend and my older brother sign up and they love it. Great all around company! Hope that helps 🙂
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Yeah, if ur planning to buy the phone out right Ull b able to get a 10% discount on ur monthly plan, but it would b cheaper for u to put it on a tab because Ull b getting 15% towards the phone which is basically saving 15% instead, which is better. I use koodo and never had any dropped calls or coverage issues. Bring ur own device and try it out for a month, you won't regret it.
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Koodo is number one. I would have no problems recommending it to anyone.
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If you go to a Mercedes forum and ask if the participants would recommend Mercedes cars, I would imagine you get 100% unanimous replies there 🙂 That said, I have been with Koodo since August 2012 and was one of their first prepaid customers. Never looked back and never considered leaving 😃
I left my provider mainly due to the great support community here. I have had to call customer service as well and was blown away by how good the reps were!!! My coverage is amazing, data speed is fantastic and my plan is cheap but loaded with everything I need! I hate the whole tab thing for my own reasons but I would sign with Koodo in a heartbeat!!