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Wondering about bill!

I'm wondering how my daughter's bill breaks down. She is on a 45$ plan and supposed to be paying $5 a month towards phone. Yet her 1st bill is $73.45? I have checked her usage and she isn't even close to over in anything.

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The first bill contains partial charges (pro-ration so it is usually higher than the normal monthly bill) This link shoudl help explain it http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill Then you should look at the PDF ebill on your account to get more details of what the unexpected charges are
Why isn't there a break down? Where it shows me when the 2nd billing date started. All it shows me is the cost? Not the billing times or taxes, ect.
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You might be looking at the bill summary. Which doesn't really show anything at all. Log into your account in Self-Serve and find the PDF e-Bill. It will go into a lot more detail.
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There's more then 1 page to the bill. It kinda sound "dumb" to say, but maybe you didn't look at the others pages!
Well, lol. I'm in the kudoo bill and just see a summary, then I checked all her usage stuff and it was well under maximum. But I didn't see anything for pages?
HaHa! Thanks! Found it! I just do pay as you go. Put my daughter on a bill and now I have to figure this out! Thanks for the help 🙂 Hey I can even see who she calls 😉
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Glad you figured it out Amanda and yeah, seeing who she calls is a pretty good perk! 😛 Any other questions, please feel free to ask!