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Will the Certified Preowned Iphone SE be restocked?

Went to order it on Thursday and it was gone. Called into customer service and they said it is sold out at the moment but did not specify if it would be restocked. Has it sold out previously and then restocked? If so, what was the time period like? Might be worth it to buy new..

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We don't have any insight on Koodo's plans so we can't say much on here. As the iPhone SE is still a phone being sold you may see pre-owned ones pop back up as people return their phones and what not but there is no guarantee. The iPhone SE is only on for $0 with Tab Medium, ($360) which is a good deal in and of itself so I would hop on that as soon as you can. 
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Not to rub in your face, but i grabbed my preowned SE model with 64gB amd loving it. I learned too many times not to wait. Anyways, if you can affors to wait then do that if not then like Allan said there is good deal on iphone SE in 16 gB. $0 dollars upfront Then just get extra cloud space