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Will not allow me to select Large Tab

I am currently seeking at purchasing an iPhone 7 Plus - 32 GB Black

And when I select the Large Tab, it tells me to change my plan.
The main reason why I want the Large tab is because of the extra savings. 
But my plan is at the minimum of $48/month for the Large Tabs.

Why does it do this?

Any help would be great.


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Are you located in either Manitoba or Saskatchewan?
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Juan C wrote:


I'm guessing that although the plans look the same, and are the same price, there is a naming difference between them. If you are currently on the small or medium Tab at $48, you would need to change to the large TAB at $48 to be able to make the purchase. If I recall, Koodo now requires CSR intervention to change plans in MB/SK, so you may need to contact Koodo by phone or Facebook Message to effect the change.