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Will my iPhone use Wifi instead of Data/3G automatically?

I just recently switched my phone to a plan where I now have 300MB of data, I've never had or used data before this so I'm very new to how it works. 

My question is, if I'm at home and my phone is connected to the wifi, will it automatically use that instead of my 3G? I just want to make sure my data isn't being used in the background even if it is connected to the wifi, or if I should turn it off when I'm at home. 

(Also as a side question along with data I also have MMS now, does my data have to be turned on to use MMS or is that seperate?)

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

*if its relevant to my question, I have an iPhone 4S and it's fully updated 

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No it should still automatically connect to the WiFi and not use ur data. Your MMS is picture and video messaging and yes to send them u need ur data turned on.
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You should be able to choose which Apps use Cellular data under the Settings > Cellular option on your phone. This would restrict them to Wi-Fi no matter where you are.

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Note that if you are at home and the phone is asleep. iPhones tend to disconnect from wifi to conserve power.  This can trigger the use of data.

Usually it connects back right away, but some data is used.

If you have it plugged in, then wifi stays connected