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Will my iPhone get accepted to Koodo?

Hey, this question is about moving an iPhone I bought from my friend that is currently GSM unlocked. I know it is possible to bring an unlocked phone to Koodo and get a nice 10% off my monthly plan. But is there any chance my iPhone wouldn't suit your standards? Thanks for the help guys 😃

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As long as it's the correct model that supports UMTS/HSPA 850 and 1900 bands, then yes. I know there are several different model #s of iPhones intended for different areas of the world so you'd have to double check. It should start with an A15XX or A14XX. Find that out and let us know.
It's a iPhone from Bell.
Bell Canada.
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I'm quite sure it would work, best way to ensure is to go to a koodo store they will pop in a SIM card and verify it for you.
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If it's originally from bell, and unlocked I can guarantee 100% it is comparable with Koodo.
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I just brought my unlocked iPhone to koodo and it worked perfectly. It shouldn't be a problem as long as your phone is unlocked and you pass the credit check!