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will koodoo unluck a telus phone?

telus is sister company to you can you unlock my phone 

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No need to unlock because it will already work with Koodo
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This only applies to iPhone so if you get any other phone in the future, it will be locked and you will need Telus to unlock it. Koodo does not unlock Telus phones ans visversa.
Koodo unlocked 2 Telus Iphones for me after they were on the account for 90 days.
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Hey Skye! Just to clarify any Telus phone will work on the Koodo network without needing it to be unlocked and vice versa. Koodo will not be able to unlock a Telus device for you to use elsewhere.  Hope this helps 🙂
Koodo will unlock TELUS iPhones, and TELUS will unlock Koodo iPhones as long as you don't tell them where you got the phone from. I've done it multiple times. They have no idea where you got it from. If you're a long time customer, they won't even check if it has been 90 days or not.
A telus phone will work on the Koodo network however if it's an android phone you may have to change the apn to access data.