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Will a locked Telus iPhone 4 work with an activated Koodo micro SIM?

  • 31 December 2012
  • 4 replies

Hi, I've Google'd this question over and over again, but I seem to not get a firm answer on whether a Telus iPhone 4 will work with an activated Koodo micro SIM. It is either it does not work or it does. So, will an iPhone 4 that is locked to Telus work with a Koodo micro SIM?

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4 replies

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I haven't heard of one yet that hasn't.
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It'll work, yes
I cant say for sure about an iPhone, but I did just get an HTC Status that was locked to Telus and it worked with my Koodo Sim and I didnt have to unlock the sim card or anything .. hope this helps 🙂
Thank you, guys! The iPhone 4 works! It worked as soon as I inserted my Koodo micro SIM. 🙂 It took about a minute or so to find the network.