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Wifi Calling Iphone 7+

  • 29 August 2020
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New to Koodo and I brought over my existing iPhone 7 Plus. I have no cell service at my rural work office so I rely on wifi calling ability. I turn it on and Enable, but It will not work at my office. I have tried resetting my phone, I toggled the on/off, I reset the network settings….. nothing will get it working. However, I come home and it works. I used it all the time with Virgin Mobile at that same office, on the same wifi, and with the same phone as recently as this week before changing companies. So why won’t it work now that I’ve changed to Koodo? Anyone? Thank you! 

2 replies

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Try step 3.

It might be a specific Telus issue. Let us know if it helps.

Thank you for that…. However, I tried it now that I am back in office. Did not work. Reset phone 2x, toggled Wifi Calling ON/OFF, tested on Airplane Mode and it showed up for maybe 3 seconds then disappeared. Again, this Wifi Calling worked flawlessly on this same phone, at this same location, but with Virgin Mobile…. disappointing since I rely on this being I do not have cell service.