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Why was the IPhone 5S 16GB $225 and now it's $350?

  • 15 April 2015
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4 replies

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Because Apple increased their prices 3 weeks ago, and Koodo has adjusted theirs last week. Koodo also had a save $75 promotion on that I guess is expired.
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Upon checking Koodo prices I see that the $75 activation credit is still in effect. So the price increase is based on Apple readjusting prices for the falling Canadian Dollar.
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Retail price of iPhone 5S 16GB is $725 Maybe you saw the price on the old site with Tab L : $725 - $500 on the Tab L = $225 upfront/ pay now price.
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TELUS, Koodo iPhone 6 Prices Increase, Now Starting at $350 on Contracthttp://www.iphoneincanada.ca/carriers/telus/telus-koodo-iphone-6-price-increase/ I believe the 5S was $225 with TAB medium, $150 with Tab Large or something to that effect