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Why is the 500min/500MB plan $40 on the website but $45 if I want to change my plan?

Looked at the website under plans and there is a plan with 500min/500MB for $40 but when I go to change my plan in the self serve section the same amount of min/data is $45.

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You might need to switch from the classic tab to the new tab 🙂
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Make sure your looking at the plan pricing for your specific province as they all differ wildly from province to province.
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@ Thomas, the folks above are right. Although you do have positive tab so no payoff is required a switch from "old tab" is required. There is a step in our rateplan change online where that can done. A simple yes to agree that you nolonger will accumulate positive tab, although what you have already accumulated you will not lose.
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Hey Thomas! If Bernard's suggestion doesn't work, we may need to manually switch your Tab from our side. If that is the case, feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or DM on Twitter and we'll take care of it for you 🙂