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why is my phone bill so high

i had upgraded my phone and therefore had to go to 35 dollar plan..Seem my bill is always around 55.00  thsi month it was 132.15..I am supposed to have evening and weekend calls free.Do not understand prior to this upgrade and for several years my plan was 25 dollars and that is what I paid never more then 30 a month,,Something is seriously wrong with this last bill

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Hello Mary Lynne.

Take a look at your e-bill available on self serve. You will find everything you need to know about why your bill is so high.

Do you know how to access you e-bill?
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@ Mary-Lynne, as Robert mentioned all the details are online. Looking at your account it seems you are going way ofer the minutes you have included in your plan. These were calls during the day not after 7pm evening and weekend portion. Hope this helps explaining!