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Why is my Kood Sim card not working after I’ve used another Sim card abriad?

  • 20 November 2019
  • 6 replies

Im travelling in Europe.

When I got to Italy I bought a local SIM card for data. After the data ended I tried to switch to my Koodo card to start using the Roaming option.

However my Sim card is not being recognized. It says that there is no Sim card on the phone.


is there something I can do in order to use my Koodo Sim Cars for roaming?


6 replies

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What does it say exactly?


Does it recognize the old Sim card still? Did you try reseating the Sim card and then restarting?

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No Service and a SIM card not recognized is not the same thing. That’S why it’s important to use the right terms. 

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Hey there! A few questions:

Did you insert it in the same iPhone you got with us, or is it a different non-Koodo phone?

What is the exact error message you get?

Have you tried to power off your phone, and power it back on, to refresh the connectivity with the local network?

Can you test the SIM into another phone, to see if it works?

Can you reinsert it back in your phone, and test?


Hey guys thanks for the replies.

I am trying to use the same Sim Card I was using before coming to Europe. Same phone.

I already tried restarting the phone after inserting the SIM Card. No success.

It just says No SIM card. Don’t know really whats the issue.


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@Andrekalil  The only thing left to do is to test it in another phone, so see if the issue is SIM-related or phone-related. 

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@Andrekalil If it’s phone related, you can try to reinsert the SIM, making sure you blow out any dust, and that it’s well positioned. If it’s the SIM, I’m afraid, you’ll need to get a new one in a Koodo store. It depends on how it was stored; maybe it was demagnetized somehow. Some online articles suggest to toggle with the airplane mode: https://www.android-mobile-manager.com/android-tips/why-sim-card-cannot-be-detected.html . You can also set the network mode to automatic, so the phone searches for the best connectivity to your local networks, by going into Settings > Cellular > Cellular Network or Network Selection > Automatic.