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Why is my data not working

I have a plan with koodo and it says I have 77mb remaining out of 750..my data is not working to load anything. How can I solve this

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If you want the shock-free data features preperly enabled, go into your self-serve notification preferences and make sure Koodo is allowed to text you.

Send Koodo a private message on their Facebook page to avoid spending time on hold. Those reps have direct access to your account which we don't have here, and can more easily deal with data block issues.

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Hello Vivek Did your data ever work? If the answer is yes that means you've go no data block on your account so no need to contact koodo for that. The problem is elsewhere. Did you disable 3G? Is data enabled? Try resetting your phone to see if it works.
Yes it was working until I updated today, now is not working 😞
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This thread isn't very related I presume, besides your data not working. You should start a new thread. Restart your phone, check that you have data turned on, take out your sim card and put it back in and restart. Did you get this phone from Koodo? You might have to reset your apn settings.  Let us know if it still doesn't work.
ok I will try, the data worked well until I Updated online, now is dead.
Thanks for your answer
Yes I bought my iphone from koodo, and I just update the data online
Thanks it is working now