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Why is my bill keep adding up

My bill keeps getting bigger and bigger and I keep paying it. And it keeps adding to the last bill it's like 4 months worth now.

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It sounds like you are paying to an incorrect account number. Try print out the bill and taking that in to your bank. Find out the account number that you have been paying to.

I had the same problem with my power bill when I moved last time. They should be able to transfer over the payments to your account from the incorrect one.
Edited to add: I mean once you have the account number that you have been paying to, take that one to koodo. If you have been paying to the correct number all along, something is going wrong on their end. Either way, call koodo after you go to the bank.
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Also check your E-bill again. What is it say under the " Amount Owing" or "Total Due"? Is there " - " in front of the $ amount? If so, you have a credit on your account. I have seen a few post saying that they are keep over paying to build a credit)