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Why is my $45 plan $60?

I just switched to Koodo and bought a new phone which I paid outright. This was on April 2, and on my bill online it says April 2 - April 7, $45 for monthly charges and then another $9 for partial charges? I don't understand what it's for, and also why does it say only April 2 - April 7? 

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I can't read Mathieu's message, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating what he said.  It's pro-ration.  your billing cycle starts on the 7th of each month, so $45 covers the 7th of April to the 6th of May.  The other $9 covers from the day you activated, 2nd of April, until 7th of April.  The rest is taxes.
EDIT - all your future bills with be $45 + tax unless you have any overages (data, going over your minutes, calling outside of Canada)